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Under the progress of language and, Consequently, Letters should understand its qualitative and quantitative enrichment. The letter is a form of, which is expressed through language. Every form over time tends to independent existence, but even in this sort of independent substance continues (often without giving already imagine how to report) be spawned its functions. In this case: language. Finding the apparent independence, It creates a form like its own laws, its dialectic, aesthetics, etc.. However, the form, for all its progress, not in a position to influence the function. Capital makes sense only if the facade. When the function of subordinate shape, Column obscured window.
The proposed reform of Russian spelling is purely formal in nature, она — Reform in the highest sense of the word: re-form. For naive to assume, that the morphological structure of language can be changed or directed by those or other rules. Language evolves, not revolutionized, and in this sense it is reminiscent of nature. There are three kinds of reforms, three kinds of formal transformations: embellishment, Utilitarianism and the functional sequence.
This reform — not the first and not the third. This reform — second. Its resemblance to the first is, which is overloaded façade as unpleasant to watch, how and kazarmu. His origin is the same, in fact, obliged to misunderstanding of the third… for function, has its own plastic, It aims to get rid of unnecessary items, in which it does not need, It is committed to the transformation of form in its wholly-expression.
Simply put, letter should as much as possible to express the diversity of language. That is the purpose and meaning of the letter, and it has something to do all the features and tools.
of course, modern language is complex, of course, there is much to be simplified. But the essence of simplification is, in the name of which they are held. The complexity of the language is not a vice, but — and is primarily -Certificate spiritual wealth of the people who created it. And the purpose of the reform should be the search for funds, Allows full and faster to acquire this wealth, and not simplify, that, in fact, It is robbery of language.
The organizers of the reform explain the objections against her habit hypnosis. But if you think about it, pledge of survivability of their intended reforms they see not what other, in the event of a new habit.
This process is never-ending. Finally, you can go to the sign language and get used to it. unknown, whether it will progress, but it is definitely easier, what to think, how much “n” put in a word “wooden”. Namely, to the simplicity of the initiators seek to reform. told, of course, extreme, but this extreme, in the same time, must not, Unfortunately, deny known logical sequence.
The shape does not affect the function, but it can disfigure. Anyway — to create a false impression. Utilitarianism and standardization, repeat, just as harmful, as the overload of details. riding hall, devoid of columns, It turns into a barn; colonnade functional: she plays the role of, similar phonetics. And phonetics — this is the equivalent of the language of touch, this sensual, whether, language Basics. Two “n” in a word “wooden” nonrandom. Articulation of open vowels and diphthongs do not even Colonnade, and the foundation of language. The ill-fated suffixes — the only way a quality of expression in speech.
“Wooden” It transmits the quality and texture due to plastic, stretching the sound in both time, and space. “Wooden” limited by the order of letters and semantic association, No additional guidance and does not contain the word sensations.
of course, you can get used — and very quickly — to “wooden”. We gain in simplicity spelling, but we lose in the sense of. Because -“how to write, and pronounce” — we pronounce the letter (sound) less, and the letter back down, taking with them the essence, leaving the GUI, from which the air has left.
As a result, we risk language, obednennыy phonetically and -semanticheski. In this case, it is unclear, in the name of what it's done. Instead of studying and mastering this treasure — if not hasty, but so enriching! — we are invited to the line of least resistance, circumcision and beheading, a sort of ersatz grammar. At the same time it puts forward a completely astonishing scientific argument, cried out to the example of other Slavic languages, appealing for reform 1918 g. Really it is not clear, the other language, whether it is three Slavic, it is first and foremost a different psychology, and no analogies so can not be. And really in the country today is the same catastrophic situation with literacy, how in 1918 year, when, by the way, people were able to learn grammar, which we propose to simplify today.
The language should be studied, rather than reducing. Letter, letters should as much as possible to reflect the richness, the diversity, All voice polyphony. The letter should be the numerator, instead denominator language. To all, submit to the irrational language, It should be approached cautiously and almost with reverence, because it is irrational already itself a language, and it is in some sense organically older and our opinions. By the language should not take police measures: clipping and isolation. We need to think about, how to master this material, and not on the, how to reduce. We must seek methods, instead of scissors. Tongue — is a great, a great way, where there is no need to narrow today.
1962 — 1963

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