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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Will you go on the road of life risk or prudence, you will encounter sooner or later in order, that traditionally is called Evil. I'm not talking about a character from Gothic novels, and at least about a real social force, which does not subject you. And not the good intentions, no dodgy calculation does not eliminate the inevitable clash. Moreover, than cautious and calculating, you'll, the more likely the meeting will be and the more painful shock. Life is so arranged, something, what we call evil, truly ubiquitous, not least because, that is covered by a mask of goodness. It never enters the house to cheers: “awesome, friend! I -zlo”, what, of course, He speaks of his secondary, but the joy of this little-too very often we are convinced that it is secondary.
It would therefore be very useful to expose as much as possible a thorough analysis of our ideas of good, figuratively speaking, iterate wardrobe and look, that of the clothes have to fit to a stranger. It takes a lot of time, but the time will be spent not in vain. You will be stunned, learning, how much of, what you thought it was hard-won good, easily and without much adjustment will be convenient for the enemy armor. maybe, You might even doubt, if he is not your mirror image, For all surprising in Evil — it completely human traits. So, eg, There is nothing easier, than to turn inside out the concept of social justice, civic virtue, a bright future, etc.. P. The surest sign of danger here is the mass of your like-minded, not so much because of, that unanimity easily degenerates into uniformity, as characteristic of a large number of terms of the probability of vulgarisation noble feelings.
It is equally clear, that the most reliable protection from evil — uncompromising personality in isolation, the originality of thought, its paradoxical and, if anything — eccentricity. In other words, in, it is impossible to distort and falsify, that will be powerless to put on, as a mask, zavzyatыy lytsedey, in, that belongs to you and only you — the skin: its not share with any other, not with his brother. Evil strongly monolithic. It thrives in the atmosphere of the crowd and cohesion, fight for an idea, barrack discipline and final conclusions. Craving for such conditions is easy to explain its internal weakness, but this understanding does not add strength, if evil wins. And Evil wins, wins in many parts of the world and in ourselves. Looking at his swing and pressure, see — especially! — Since fatigue, who oppose him, Evil should not be seen today as an ethical category, as well as a natural phenomenon, and calculate it does not fit to a single observation, and patterning geographical map. And I appeal to you not because of this speech, that you are full of energy, young and your heart pure. Not, pure souls not among you;, and it is unlikely you will find the strength and resistance to cleanse. My goal is simple. I'll tell you about the way the Evil Resistance, which the, may be, one day you will come in handy; about the way, which will help you get out of the fight, if not a great result, then with smaller losses, than your predecessors. I, of course, I will talk about the famous “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other”. I assume, what you know, how to interpret this verse from the Sermon on the Mount Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many others. Consequently, I assume, you familiar with the concept of passive non-resistance and its main principle — reward good for evil, t. it is. the rejection of revenge. When you look at the world of today involuntarily comes to mind, This principle, to put it mildly, I have not received universal recognition. The reasons are two. First of all, it is applicable to at least the minimum conditions of democracy, and this is exactly what, which they are deprived of eighty-six percent of the people of the Earth. Secondly. common sense suggests the affected, what, turn the other cheek, and not revenge, he will, at best, a moral victory, that is something imperceptible. The natural desire to substitute themselves for a second blow reinforced confidence, it's just got excited and strengthen evil and moral victory that the enemy will assign itself.
But there are other, more serious reasons to doubt. If the first shot knocked the breath out of the victim, he can think about, what, turn the other cheek, He poisoned the conscience of the offender, not to mention his immortal soul. Moral victory might not be such a moral, because suffering is often prone to narcissism and, Besides, suffering elevates offended, It gives him superiority over the enemy. And no matter how angry your foe, he — person, and, not knowing how to love our neighbor, as thyself, we still know, that evil begins when, where a person begins to think himself better than others. (Is that why you received the first slap in the face?) So that, who turn the other cheek, the, the biggest, It negates the success of the enemy. “Look,– as it says the second cheek,– you torture only flesh. You do not get to me, do not crush my spirit”. true, it may indeed provoke the abuser.
Twenty years ago, the following scene took place in one of the many prisons in the north of Russia. At seven o'clock in the morning the cell door swung open, and the guard turned from the threshold to the prisoners:
— citizens! VOHR team calls you on the socialist competition for cutting firewood, dumped in our backyard.
In those places there is no central heating, and ATC charge kind of tax on logging in the amount of one-tenth of the product. In the moment, I'm talking about, prison yard looked exactly, as a wood warehouse: piles of logs piled up in two or three floors above the one-story rectangle same prison. Chop wood was, of course, must, but of socialist competition had not been.
— And if I do not compete? — I asked one prisoner.
— Stay without soldering,– said guard.
handed axes, and it went. Prisoners and guards worked hard on the soul, and by noon all, primarily starved convicts, exhausted. adjourned, all sat down to eat, except prisoner, who asked for the morning of the mandatory participation. He continued to hack. They all laughed at him, and joked in the spirit, that here de, they say, that the Jews cunning, and this -Look, look… Soon, work resumed, but with less fervor. In four of the guard shift ended. A little later we stopped and Zeki. Only one ax still flickered in the air. Several times he was told “enough”, and the prisoners, and protection, but he was not paying attention. He seemed to be drawn into and did not want to bring down the rhythm or could not. From the side it looked like a robot. An hour has passed, two hours, he cut down. Guards and the prisoners looked at him intently, and mocking expression on their faces was replaced by amazement, then fear. At seven-thirty he put the ax, reeling, I dobrel to sleep chamber and. The term residue, held them in jail, It never was organized socialist competition between the guards and prisoners, no matter how much wood was brought to prison.
Probably, the guy survived this — twelve o'clock logging without interruption — because, I was young. He was twenty-four years, a little more, what you now. but I think, that something else lay in the basis of his behavior. It is not excluded, what he, just because, I was young, Sermon on the Mount is better remembered, than Tolstoy and Gandhi. for knowing, that the Son of man is usually expressed himself triplets, the young man could remember, that the decision does not end “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other”, and continues through semicolon: “And who wants to sue you and take your tunic, Give him your cloak; And whosoever shall compel thee to go one mile with him, go with him two”. As such, the Gospel lines have little to do with non-resistance to evil, abandonment of revenge and retribution good for evil. The meaning of these lines does not call for passivity, and in bringing evil to the point of absurdity. They speak, that evil can degrade by reducing to nothing its claims your agreeableness, which devalues ​​the damage caused.
Such a course of action puts the victim in an active position — position of spiritual attack. victory, if it is achieved, It is not only a moral, but also a very real. Other cheek appeals not to the conscience of the offender, with which it is easy to handle, but he puts it in front of the senselessness of the whole business — what is all overproduction. Remind you, that it is not a fair fight. We discuss the situation, when enemy forces initially not equal, when there is no opportunity to kick back and all the circumstances against you. In other words, we're talking about a black minute of life, when moral superiority over the enemy does not console, and the enemy is too insolent, to awaken in him a grain of shame or honor, when at your disposal — your own face, Clothing yes two legs, ready-striding, How many do you need. It does not have to tactical tweaks. Substituted second cheek — It is an expression of conscious, cold, firm resolve, and a chance to win, no matter how small they may be, directly dependent on, Do you still weighed. Turning the cheek to the enemy, you must know, it is only the beginning of the test, as well as quotes, and we should gather the courage to pass all the way — all three verses of the Sermon on the Mount. Otherwise, taken out of context line will take you only to the injury). Build ethics on the ragged quote means a self-fulfilling prophecy on his head, or contact the intellectual bourgeoisie, softened in the comfort of opinion. In either of these two cases (one second, in the company of the noble first and bankrupt of movements then at least not devoid of pleasantness) you retreat before evil, refusing to expose his weakness. For, let me again remind, Evil inherent in completely human traits. Ethics, built on the broken citation, changed in India after Gandhi, except that the skin color of the rulers. A hungry man is indifferent, because of who he is hungry. Perhaps, he prefers to accuse his woeful state white, rather than fellow, because a social evil then comes from the outside and, may be, will be less oppressive. when the enemy — foreign, it is the ground for hopes and illusions. So it is in Russia, ethics, based on Tolstoy torn quote, to a large extent undermined the determination of the people in the fight against police state. What cONSEQUENTIAL, known: six decades of turning the cheek and the whole face of the people turned into one huge bruise, and the state, tired of the excesses, eventually it became simply do not care about it. As in the face around the world. So that, if you want to apply Christian doctrine in practice and in the language of today to interpret the words of Christ, you can not do gibberish jargon of modern politics. You should learn the original source of the mind, if not heart. There was much less of a good man, than by the Holy Spirit, and rely on His goodness to the detriment of his philosophy deadly.
I confess, I kind of embarrassing to talk about these matters, because it does not expose or turn the other cheek eventually everyone decides for himself. Fight goes without witnesses. It serves as an instrument of your face, your clothes, your feet will walk. Advise, the more point, how to dispose of this property, not that that is unacceptable, but immoral. Всё, what I strive, This free you from a verbal punch, which led so many and brought so little use. And I would like to sow in your mind, that as long as you have a face, shirt, outerwear and legs, not hopeless, and hopeless gloom.
AND, finally, The most important reason that puts, who speaks out loud about it, in an awkward position — and this is not the only humanly understandable reluctance listener to look at yourself, young and brave, as a potential victim. Not, it is simply a sober look at the people and understanding, that among you, in the audience, there are potential murderers, and disclose military secrets to the enemy — bad strategy. It removes the same with me the charge of involuntary treachery or, even worse, mechanically transferring the momentary status quo in the future hope, that the victim will always be trickier, smarter and more enterprising of his executioner. And it would give her the hope of winning.
Williams College, 1984 g.

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