Publius. Well well, Tully, no jitter. It is unlikely that the Senate will listen to him.
Tully ([gloomily]). It may well be. He fought in Libya. Merit. Besides, they're all liberals are disabled… Caligula, so he just pisses hot water, when he hears, his horse vitiystvuet.
Publius. Who — boiling water? is he — or horse?
Tully. What's the difference! Where is my toga?
Publius. There, where you left it. ([Points to the side of the alcove Tullius.]) If you have all, no flushes.
([She starts to undress.])
Tully. Barbarian, obsessed with saving.
Publius. I? If I do that and spare… If I do that and spare, since the only time… As for insanity, the whole of Rome is obsessed with his plumbing. Verneuil, implicated. think, I do not understand? Tiber long to long-lid, we enjoy it its services. Water supply our themes and wonderful, the amount of water in it permanently! From Tibra independently. physics! Communicating vessels! All the matter in the filter system. ([He climbs into the bath to Tullius.]) As stated in the poet: “Twice into the same stream without stepping”. Nonsense. Very Stupa. ([He enjoys.]) A-a-a-a… Aqua… Two Ash O… Note: no more and no less… Is that evaporates… Or when the wipes… And it is unlikely… After washing in the towel then goes — and wiped something back… I convinced, that our tower is also a water.
Tully. they say.
Publius. And I am convinced, that someone — sometime — in this water — I have washed. Something felt it… not that, to his native — familiar.
Tully. Can, Caligula and it washed.
Publius. And Tiberius.
Tully. And Sejanus…
Publius. If filters are able to speak… ([Pause.]) And my wife was in it washed… And your.
Tully. What do you mean?
Publius. Well no, Not this… And the children too. water — water everywhere. In the apartment, that the chamber. communicating, I say, containers.
Tully. For whom — communicating, for whom — not.
Publius. The strange thing is. Tully: I knew, it can happen. Back when I was a kid — I knew. We all know. Especially, that my father was not sitting. And my grandfather, too. Still no idea. started a family, children…
Tully. Well well, Publius… It also means only, that our Committee on height.
Publius ([dazedly]). it — as?
Tully. And, that planting only after, how proizvedesh offspring. Just about, when the wife is tired… When all is almost lost all meaning. when the word “for term of life” meaning becomes. Not earlier… The computer is still.
Publius. Yes. Equipment…
What do you read something?
Tully. Goratsiya.
Publius. So how?
Tully. Classic. Is that too enthusiastic. Like all ancestors.
Publius. bust, whether, his book?
Tully. Especially, it is not necessary to feed.
Publius. A canary where?
Tully. release. And then die of starvation. Or — Air discharged from.
Publius. miserably.
Tully. It's a pity to let out or pity, that dies?
Publius. AND — and… produce too. fly, know, on all four… that is, three hundred and sixty… Unnecessary thoughts again… We are here — until the end of days. Nas-to, vish, no release. For us here — a life. Meaning. What did she have to something. Well she creature, she even no brains. beak one… It's a pity to let.
Tully. So in fact die.
Publius. And we — not? we, Tully, also] We who shall be sorry? BUT? She is, whether? Чем? She has, I say, and the brain is not present… A and B were, So, how much? two of us they would have been hell enough…
Tully. Do not believe, so, in miniaturization…
Publius. The point is not… And we regret it. AND, on the other hand, поет.
Tully. When you will die, I'll regret. If the whole thing in the amount of, in your opinion.
Publius ([embracing Tullius]). Arguably the best right now…
Tully. not paw!
Publius. Better now pity, Tully!
Tully. Take your hands, who say!
Publius. So I'll show nothing…
Tully. Nothing? And whose is member? You have an erection. ([Gets out of the bath.]) Where is my toga?
Publius ([settling comfortably in the bath]). That's the price you say. “perhaps”!.. Как же! I know, how you make me regret. Me — in the garbage disposal, and my place — some cretin. I — way down, he — up.
Tully. And the only elevator and running. the balance principle. symbol of justice.
Publius ([continuing its]). You'll be with him sharpen fritters… Can, even this… his sides missed… if the young… the main thing — the main thing, because shit is some will… he say… shepherd there. or lictor… But me have not fucking remember… It seems like there was. Out of sight, out of mind. So to speak, sheet's change.
Tully. This — just.
Publius. well yes, so peaceful. The instinct of self-preservation, plus oven mitts stoic. what, however, same. With the full support of the Praetor. And when fully samosohranishsya, then that you in the garbage disposal and shoving.
Tully ([kutayas current]). All there will be.
Publius. well yes, understand. You — above this.
Tully. the main thing — the percentage of observed.
Publius. Citizen… The support of the state… ([Pause.]) Bullshit!
Tully. You yourself are the shit. Barbarian. May be, even a Christian. afraid of death. What are you a Roman!? A family, kids… ass! All this barbarism, I understood? Longing for freedom! What do you know about freedom? Article — and all. Suggest you now hetero harit or bed to rot, — that you would have chosen?
Publius. gETERO, understandably.
Tully. To her, you see! For you there is a difference. And there is no difference, Publius! No difference. days go by! The thing is, the days are. Whatever you engaged, you are standing on the ground, as the days go by. the main thing — this time. Tiberius legitimate Us. task Rima — to merge with Time. That is the meaning of life. Get rid of the sentimental! From these la-la about women, kiddies, love, hatred. Get rid of thoughts about freedom. Понял? And you soleshsya with Time. For there is nothing left, Time apart. And then you can not even move — you go along with it. Not lagging behind, and not ahead. You — he watches. And no one, who look at them… That's what we believe, Romans. Do not depend on time — here freedom. And you Barbarian, Publius, dirty barbarian. And I would kill you, if I did not know, that in your place immediately send another. AND, can, even more barbarian. especially now, when the Committee held Sejanus.
Publius ([turning over on its side in the bath]). Then well… can, I finish with a, but? The Roman style: right here, in the bath. Sulla.
Tully. Still send. ([Pause.]) You know: elevator.
Publius. Tree sticks.
Tully. As stated in the poet: “Posthuma, Posthuma, Alas, fleeing the volatile years…”
Publius. Who said that?
Tully. Horace.
Publius. Tree sticks. Give me a minute phone.
Tully. You are welcome.
Publius. Mr. Pretor? It Publius Marcellus, of 1750 of. Kindly, poet Horace bust us on camera. Yes, Goratsiya. It nd-tion. ([To the side, Tullius.]) spelling…
Tully. Homer, Obed, Rameses, Achilles…
Publius. Homer, Obed, Rameses, Achilles…
Tully. Caesar, Jehovah, Jason.
Publius. Caesar, Jehovah, Jason… Yes, Quintus Horatius Flaccus. what, It does not take a lot of places? What's the difference, Mr. Pretor? Yes, prison is a lack of space, offset by an excess of time… Yes, than before, all the better. What down?
Tully. Chess.
Publius. A down chess… too grateful, Mr. Pretor. ([He hangs up.]) This bitch Pretor. Nevezhda.
Tully. good post.
Publius. With what?
Tully. Well… chatting on the phone. Total and the business.
Publius. H and. A thousand sesterces. All state-owned. no worries. Know be fruitful so keep an eye on the computer. I was a fool, not hired, when there was a vacancy.
Tully. Still would not have taken.
Publius. Why?
Tully. At you in the family no one was sitting. Of the public service do not take. praetor, Senator, Consul can only be a man, which one… whose ancestors were in the Tower. Although in the fourth degree. Who rhyme clerk, that one day… And think about it: which of you, Senator, if you have to run — Tower?
Publius. What "yes, that yes.
Tully. one consolation: Children come into the world. ([Pause.]) Son named something like?
Publius. Octavian.
Tully. sounds… Be it Praetor. or Senator. Can, even become consul. And that, you look, and pRINCEPS. Beautiful name — recipe for success, half the work. Tiberius was done, when he banned calendar. Well what princeps of Fedota? Or worse — Stanley? It's hens on laughter. Does it work -Oktavian!.. Also good, Hoping to Tiberius. I called his elder Tiberius.
Publius. A young?
Tully. Toje Tiberius. And the average…
Publius ([reflectively]). Whatever you say, He was a great man, Tiberius… Where would we be all, if he had not come up with the Empire…
Tully. …and capital would not renamed in Rome… Rot would gradually. backyard of Europe.
Publius. Well, this is something. ([Pause.]) How is the weather?
Tully ([to the window and looking down]). low clouds. The hell it is not visible. cloudiness… Can, in Rome rain.
Publius. Check the thermometer.

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