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Groan balalaika, atmospheric crack. Hand twist the receiver tuning knob with “peephole”. Scene: Moscow, Russia, somewhere between 1963 and 1988 year. Balalaika again, interference again. Then the first bars “Lillibulero” and honest female voice: “Says BBC World Service. We transmit the latest news. Text reads…” Probably, she is over thirty. Face wash, almost no makeup. Chiffon blouse. White. And a cardigan with buttons. Likely, beige — tea with milk. Knee-length skirt. Black or navy blue, like the evening sky outside the window. Or gray, but — up to the knees. Up to the knees — up to the knees — up to the knees. And then — combination. Охохохохохо… In the desert blew another one “Boeing”. Pol Pot, Phnom Penh. Sir, an elusive pause — Mugabe. Up to the knees. the main thing — with lace. Fragile and patterned, like allegory. And with tiny flower dots. Never seen the light of day. And so they are so white. Brother, heck! Sihanouk, Pinochet, Rudi Dučke. Chile, Chile, Chile, Chile. Pale pansies, completely strangled by transparent pantyhose from a store in Islington. That's what the world has come to. From the phased method, from the system “rag-leather-rubber-benz!” to “either or” pantyhose. Detant, sigint, MBR. New tricks, only the dog is old. For new, of course; but the old ones are forgotten. Yes, it seems like… AND, probably, here and finish your days. miserably. Well, you will not overcome all. More whiskey, Yes? “Repeat brief…” Yes, maybe, thirty, and complete. In general, it's time to have dinner. Dreven was Methuselah, but snowdrops loved. Dreven was Methuselah… The most important thing in this life — so that the web survives the spider. How is it — his? -Tyutcheva! Tyutchev his name! How is it with him…
We cannot predict,
How our word will respond,
And we are given sympathy,
How is grace given to us.
— Dushen’ka! Dushen’ka! What do we have for dinner? — Brother, darling, I thought: let's have dinner in english today. Cooked meat.

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Joseph Brodsky
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