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And yet, at the end of the 50s, the Soviet Union is doing something amazing, something, suggestive, what with the death of Stalin (1953) Soviet foreign policy comes alive. After the Suez failure (fall 1956) The Soviet Union is making an unusually thoughtful and very consistent push towards the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa.. This initiative is just as sudden, how successful. As it is now, backdating, obviously, its goal was to establish control over the Middle East, and more specifically, over its oil-bearing regions. The logic behind this maneuver — simple and quite Marxist: the, who controls energy resources, controls production. In other words, the idea is, to bring western democracies to their knees. How to do it, whether directly — by sending troops to the area, or by someone else's hands (by supporting local Arab regimes and turning them into pro-Soviet), it's a matter of circumstances and organization; clear, that someone else's hands — preferable. And at first this plan works: several Arab countries take pro-Soviet positions, and so fast, what can you think, as if these countries are ripe for communist ideology or, at least, accustomed to this kind of problem. It wasn't like that. Count of communist cells, originated in Egypt under King Farouk, It was, eg, completely destroyed by Nasser, and their members ended up in prisons or on the gallows. In other Muslim countries east and west of Cairo, he had (and has) place an even greater deficit of Marxism: The culture of the Holy Book does not tolerate other books, especially those composed by a Jew. However, the first Soviet steps in the area were successful, which can only be explained by, that our newcomer used some kind of agent network within these countries, which provided him with access to them to almost all strata of society. This network could not be of German origin (even in Egypt), because Reinhard Gehlen, post-war head of West German intelligence, at the end of the 40s he sold his safes with their contents to the United States. She couldn't be French either. — the French presence in the area has always been negligible, and the agents were distinguished by their fanatical devotion to France. The local pro-British element remains, apparently, instructed — in a vacuum, remaining after the departure of the superior race, — from some local resident, acquired, let us say, in Beirut. Nostalgia, if anything; hope for the return of the Empire. Anyway, by no means the novelty of the Russian version of the infidels was the reason, that in the 1950s. this area almost fell to the Soviet Union. The reason was the opportunity created.
Imagine this project on a drawing board in Moscow thirty-five or forty years ago. It says: a vacuum formed in the Middle East with the departure of the British. Fill it in. Support New Arab Leaders — either one by one, either by bringing them into some kind of confederation - for example, to the United Arab Republic or the League. Give them weapons, give them everything, what they want. Drive them into debt. Tell them, that they can pay you, oil price inflation. Tell, that they can act without looking back, that you will always support them and that you have warheads. In no time, the West screams the guard, Arabs get richer, and you control the Arabs. You command the parade, as befits the world's first socialist country. As for the very first step, here everything is already on the ointment. You will wonderfully find a common language with these guys. — they don't like Jews either.
And imagine, that this project was not invented by you. For it's just out of the question. To come up with this, you need to know this world to the smallest details. Need to know, who's there — Who, what is this or this sheikh or colonel tending to, his pedigree and ins and outs. There are no data of this kind in Moscow and its environs.. Besides, you need to understand such things, as government revenues from oil production, market fluctuations, share price, the annual demand of an industrial democracy for crude oil, tonnage of tankers, tariffs for transportation and everything else. You do not have a staff unit, familiar with such things, and no freelance either. And even if you imagine, that such a person exists - a Marxist-bookworm and a bookworm with admission to the special storage for reading Western periodicals, — even if such a person existed and made a similar project, he would need at least a godfather in the Politburo, so that this project is on your drawing board. What would give the godfather this a significant advantage, which the rest of the Politburo would not have tolerated for a second. AND, finally, this project could not have occurred to a Russian person if only because, that Russia itself has oil — and in abundance. And that, what are you wasting, do not consider it as a source of energy. Start this project in Russia, he would not see white light. Too Close to an Imaginary Opportunity. But the main reason is, that the project ended up on your desktop, just that, that he has nothing to do with the domestic imagination. This alone is enough, to characterize it as an opportunity created. For he came from outside, and its main attraction — abroad. For members of the Politburo in the 1950s. this project was, like jeans for their offspring. They liked him very much. However, they decided to check the label. And they had a way.
In the meantime, they are there checking the label, dear reader, here's a clean one - without author's interference — data. Harold Adrian Russell Philby, whom friends in England and especially in Russia called “Who is” (in Russia, this nickname did not cause associations with Kipling, being popular — especially in the 1930s — an innovation in the Soviet calendar as an acronym “Communist Youth International”), was born in Ambala, in India, in — as the same brand rightly claims — 1912 year. His father — Harry St. John Philby, eminent English Arabist and traveler, later converted to Islam, was an advisor to King Ibn Saud (guess, which country!). The kid entered Westminster, and then to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied history and economics and was a member of the student fraternity “Apostles”. After Cambridge he worked as a freelance writer for several London newspapers, in this capacity in 1937 year went to Spain to cover the civil war and after a while was taken to “The Times”, becoming her war correspondent. here, in a nutshell, what was known about this 26-year-old young man to 1940 year, when he was hired in “M-16” — counterintelligence department of the legendary British Intelligence Service, where he was assigned to do business, anti-communist counter-espionage. Apparently, at his own request. During the war years, he quickly promoted in service., receives an appointment in Istanbul and in 1946 year becomes the head of the counterintelligence department in the Soviet Union. This is a high position, but after three years he leaves her, as he is appointed first secretary at the British Embassy in Washington — that is, it becomes the main link between the Intelligence Service and the CIA; in this last, among other things, he becomes a close friend of James Angleton, CIA counterintelligence chief. Generally — great career. For his services during the war, he was promoted to the Knight of the Order of the British Empire, deeply respected by the British Foreign Office and the journalistic community; supposed, that he will soon become the head of Intelligence Service. here, in a nutshell, what colleagues and superiors knew about this 39-year-old man in 1951 year, when something unexpected happens. Two of his old friends from Cambridge times - Guy Burgess and Donald McLain — turn out to be Soviet spies and escape to the Soviet Union. Worse then, that suspicion flickers in the heads of those in the know on both sides of the Atlantic, that warned them about Philby's danger. Investigation begins, no evidence, doubts remain, and he is asked to resign. Life is not fair, and the best friends can lead a person under the monastery. So many decided, including at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Philby returns to journalism — eventually, he is a little over forty, — investigation, but, goes on. There are people, who never let up! But in 1955 year Harold Macmillan, then British Foreign Secretary, in a statement, read out in the House of Commons, completely frees Philby from suspicion of any unseemly acts. Whitewashed in this way Philby, with the blessing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shrouded in a light haze of sadness, becomes a correspondent “Economist” and “Observers” in Beirut, where he sailed in 1956, never to see the white rocks of Sussex again.
Three years pass, and Moscow comrades in admiration click their tongues over the presented project. But still they want to check the label. For then, what — impeccable reputation for some, fire letters on the wall — For others. They guess, that the British did not find any compromising material on this Englishman, because they were looking for it from the British; they were doomed, because they were engaged in tautology. Because the task “mole” -outsmart their. As for the Russian end, then, even get them access to it, which is extremely unlikely, — they wouldn't know anything anyway. Real name “mole”, special “mole”, made his way so high, unknown even to the officer, to his dossier: best case scenario, it will be a code name or just a set of numbers. This is the only thing that the most knowledgeable defector can tell you., not even speaking about, that he will run straight into the arms of the Intelligence Service counterintelligence department, and guess, who is the head of this department! There are only two people, which, perhaps, know the name “mole”: this is the current Soviet head of counterintelligence (and no Briton could ever climb so high) and counterintelligence officer, which once “mole” recruited. Sergeant is by definition older than his recruit, and since it's about the 1950s, This sergeant has either already died or really is in charge of the entire Soviet counterintelligence. Likely, but, He is dead, for there is no better way to keep the secrets of a rookie, rather than removing the sergeant. And then, in 1933 year, when the Cambridge graduate was recruited (aged 21 of the year), secrecy was not so total, like now, in the 1950s, when we do label validation, and the old brave no, dead — the sergeant could have blabbed something to his then boss (whom, probably, no longer either — the cleaning of the apparatus in the 1930s was also carried out for a reason), or some witness was present during the recruitment, or the stupid young recruit himself could communicate with someone, who is then rotten. Finally, it was friends who brought him under the monastery, although there was a time, when they regularly delivered reports of all affairs to the Anglo-American Atomic Energy Commission. The pigeons were good, yes they flew off and doze now on our roost. Well, what happened, it was overgrown, but if we want to implement this project, we need something more reliable, than Macmillan's statement (God bless him!) in the House of Commons; our man needs one hundred percent immunity against any tenors, that they sing the opera. No surprises, no voices from the other world, no skeletons in the closet. So who did he communicate with?, until they are rotten? Where are their death certificates?
And there is no Orlovsky testimony! And then Willie Fischer sings his Abel aria all over the world. And Orlov does not want to date an old friend. And they understand, either he's already dead, either not suicidal. And then they make a dash to the Middle East — in Egypt, Syria, Yemen. Iraq, Libya, -taking advantage of the opportunity created. They dump an avalanche of their military surplus onto Arab leaders from planes and steamship holds., advisers and god knows what else, driving their countries into debt. And advisors advise leaders to inflate oil prices, to pay these debts. And leaders do just that.: inflate these prices — exorbitantly and with impunity, because behind them are new infidels with warheads. And the West celebrates the coward and screams “UN!”, but the letter “n” already lowers. And now all of our — faithful and unfaithful — hate Jews together. Everything comes out exactly like this, as this guy predicted.

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