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Basile Modestovich — Head of state
Petrovich — Minister of Interior and Justice
Gustav Adol'fovich — Minister of Finance
Cecilia — Minister of culture
Matilda — secretary
[Note: replicas are not labeled. Actors and directors shall be determined by the, who says that, on the basis of logic event.]
[The Cabinet of the Head of a small socialist state. On the walls of the founders -Portrait. Interior — apotheosis of boredom, Only animated scarecrow — full-length — bear, whose side characters nod or glance whenever, when used pronoun “they”. You can even add antlers. high windows, Regent in style, tightened with white curtains. Through the curtains translucent spiers Lutheran Church.
Long table meetings, centered on a platter Is Red sliced ​​watermelon.
President's Desk: pandemonium phones. Noon. Three middle-aged men and one woman — indefinite — absorb food.]
nothing grouse, but?
Fritillary that is necessary.
the main thing, undershot.
wonderful sauce. This is why it? caviar?
To her, sauce with caviar. Astrakhan, whether?
Guriev Guriev Guriev… This is where they? In Europe and Asia?
In the Urals. Beer they have there good. young. legs knits, especially in summer.
fritillary, too, by the way, from Salsk steppes.
One word — Eurasia.
It is better — Azeopa. Given the ratio.
H and. Siberian dumplings.
Swedish match.
French perfume.
Dutch cheese.
snuff Turkish.
Bulgarian: Djebel.
A-a, same.
German Shepherd Dog.
Roman right.
All overseas.
H and. convoy Vologda.
Handcuffs, by the way, American. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Can not be!
His, Cecilia Markov, can be trusted. Though — Minister of Justice.
Can not be!
Yes you want to show? I'm always with you, in the briefcase.
Here admire.
Oh, do not.
Do not be afraid. They'll US.
show, Petrovich.
Here it is written: “lay Ying YueSeI”.
The term, so, also.
What do you think. One word — capitalism. We do not make such. Currency spending accounts. Well, this sort of thing — no pity.
No pity — what?
Yes currency. Although — bite. 20 dollar piece. That is, if retail. But even if the bulk and at a discount: still bite.
With discount?
To her. 20 percent. How friendly power.
He can be trusted, Cecilia. Though — Minister of Finance.
Then it would be better spirits. Still, French.
Yes, they cost Polish.
Again, the name of the beautiful — Can Bыch. It may be in our. This -Koti.
cats — too beautiful.
Besides, The French do not give discounts, Cecilia. And it's not impossible to satiate the spirits at all something. even Polish. perfume, they know, how things are. Bottle week. There is no currency is not impossible to satiate. handcuffs economical. In terms of fiscal discipline that is.
Yes, we peaceable people. He and rope cost.
Basile Modestovich, can I Watermelon?
let's. watermelon is also, by the way, Astrakhan.
Wow peaceable. Yesterday I saw a demonstration.
It is for independence?
for the environment.
Well, this is the same.
Do not tell. Still, environmental protection.
Independence — the same protection. Since he gf, by the way, environment.
Well, are you bent, Petrovich.
it, Basile Modestovich, not me. it demonstrators.
Yes, what they are demonstrators. So, crowd.
E, do not speak. Still, people, weight.
A mass is always cast in the form of the crowd. Or — queue.
well yes: area or street. Other something no options.
It should be written!
Yes, what's. And so it is written. ([Nods to bear.])
And what if they always go to the Palace? Movie, whether, had seen?
And that and go, that the area in front of the Palace. A street leads to the square. While walking on the street, they — turn. And when an area located — crowd. Both versions are obtained and. Even choosing not necessary.
there is, of course, and third: enter the Palace. Like in the movies.
But who will let them here? Let yourself not polezut. Though — not the 17 th year.
Even if it will — not fit. Cinema is still black and white was -You Do not Know, Cecilia?
Since it is so, Basile Modestovich, Why evening masked color. Not talking — at night. Art evening always strongly influence. Swan Lake is always something in the evening and give. A movie so even in the dark watching.
That may be so, Cecilia, yes to the demonstration in the evening do not go. On the day of the demonstration are.
well yes, Western correspondents to make it easier to shoot. Especially if on video.
Becher reports from Japan, what they release a new supersensitive film mastered. So that, that look, Western correspondents themselves feel Eisenstein.
Well, I do, and Eisenstein. As there is something Becher, by the way. melancholy?
melancholy, Basile Modestovich. raw fish, He speaks, forced to eat. One word — Japanese. Can I Watermelon?
let's, Petrovich.
Pity, we do not grow.
What can you do, you have to pay for the geographical position. Though — Europe.
And Beria thought so. I, when administered here, — rested. And he says,: what are you, Petrovich? Still, Europe.
Yes, six o'clock train — Czechoslovakia.
Or — Hungary.
Not talking — by air.
[Knocking on the door, The secretary enters.]
Well, what do you want, Matilda?
Basile Modestovich, you to call.
How many times you repeat, Matilda: at lunchtime — no one.
Yes, but it is Moscow.
I do not know, Basile Modestovich. Some with a focus.
Gustav Adol'fovich, you came? Come to the phone, but? Talk to him with an accent.
With which, Basile Modestovich?
And even with some. With Courland.
[D. BUT. He goes to the table, hesitantly looking at the phone.]
What? Red, maybe?
And then what.
[D. BUT. He picks up the phone.]
YA? Cafaro Gustave Atolfofitch… Poshalyusta? Nain, ah Yeste Finance Minister. Nain, he apetaet. Isfinite? How do you skasaly? Brother, otin time… ([hangs up, He goes to the table.]) Basile Modestovich, he shouts. He called me — Cecilia Markov, cover your ears — pızdorvantsem. Accent, to my mind, Georgian.
[Basile Modestovich jumps.]
Joseph Vissario… ugh, can not be. ([He wipes the sweat from his forehead.]) Petrovich, come, when I finished, but? Accustomed to any place to call! Rudeness yet, not to mention the sovereignty.
[P. He goes to the table, He picks up the phone.]
Hello. Ian Peters says. Ivan Petrovich in your. Minister of Justice. To her, Interior according to you. what? Becher — foreign, and it is in Japan. BUT?.. Yes, you do not go bankrupt, said: dines… Konchak, I say, layatsya. Chill out. well yes, with him, with me and with the Minister of Culture. To her, Tambov it. what? Yes, best foot in Eastern Europe. ([Looks aside Cecilia, winks.]) what? Hahaha. Never, tell, them together did not see? hahaha… Eagle! Come on there — urgently. urgently, urgently. And where Sam-to? BUT, at a press conference. Why are right-he did not say. BUT, Well, okay. Okay, I'll try it now. ([hangs up, He returns to the table.]) it Chuchmekishvili, Basile Modestovich, Minister of Foreign Affairs of theirs. you ask. In fact,, per protocol, has no right. You to call only the call is. Minister to the Minister calling, that this– appropriate. But, see, there is something extra. Besides, Becher in Japan. Can, will approach.
Esus Maria, not allow a person to eat normally. Okay, tell: Now I go up. That's just the watermelon itself cut off.
[P. talking on the phone, He picks up the phone.]

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