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From the notebook 1970 g.
doom — Last Judgment, but generally the person, live life in Russia, should be placed without talking to heaven.
Cat graceful at any position of his body. Not so with men. What then is our idea of ​​beauty, grace and so on., if one hundred percent answer to them only animals.
We have to infer, that when it comes to the political system, lack of logic is a sign of health.
Don Juan, Casanova, Marquis de Sade — they are a kind of Alexander Ulyanov sexual revolution.
“You need a little patience”,– said NN, time. Department of poetry in the magazine. “Yes? — I said. — I, to my mind, it can already allocate”.
The Second World War — the last great myth. How Gilygamesh or Iliad. But the myth has modernist. Contents of previous myths — the struggle between good and evil. evil a priori. the, who are struggling with the carrier of Evil, automatically becomes the bearer of the Good. But second World War was a fight of two Demons1.
In the West, esp. in States2, mat (Fenichka, slang t. P.) He entered the literature, in the newspaper, in the magazines. In this way, Literature steals the mat with the public, because we would have been consumed “Ebony's mother”, if it finds it in “Lawsuits”.
If not secret, not really mean.
The great thing about our materialists is, that not all matter -materiya. for example, West matter is not quite matter. Counter-matter.
Classical poetry (rhymes, meters, etc.) It enables the provision of a formal: other rhymes, another meter. Modernists with ihnim verse libre3 prisoners plane. It is as in Figure profile, when you can not imagine the full face. The absence of other means.
As if at this point the unknown lives, nameless deity, like this place — his altar, where you either brought, either bring him another victim, either already I heard, whether still hear his voice: do not forget.
Fool can be deaf, may be blind, but it can not be him.
1 But the Second World War was a struggle between two evils.
2 Especially in the US.
3 verlibra.

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