Winter has come, and all, who could fly…

Winter has come, and all, who could fly,
left empty grove - before,
faster than the snow was able to touch their feathers,
add something to light their clothes.
Raskraska - the same, pattern does not crushed,
and down are not crushed with water, in her butt.
they hid, Dress them roar,
sweeping leaves vosled, example did.
They disappeared, air they hid,
and the forest night now they fast breathing,
though he almost did not hear the noisy wings;
they are one above each other heard.
they alone… wind and distance, whistling,
true - screaming, wooded hills on top,
throwing down, pushing on the chest, Tweedledum,
He carries them all - an armful of leaves dull.
opened his beak, feathers, fluff flies,
seeking support wings, feathers solid,
but the wind in the forest behind their whistles,
sparkles leaf underside red, yellow.
Dui, Dui, Northwind, Bring them on, away,
pierced by an arrow in their disembodied, Kolkata,
Dui, Dui, Northwind, Carry them out of the woods,
it up, then down, pull them, crumpled wings.
Dui, Dui, Northwind, Carry them away in the mist,
schepi their beaks, foot, that have,
Dui, Dui, Northwind, press them down, to the ground,
tear patterns, added with leaves them similarities.
Dui, Dui, chase them away from these places,
Dui, Dui, screams, Following whistles th nevnyatno,
let him circle, stain merge in tape, to cross,
let sparks, Cross merge in tape, stained.
Dui, Dui, let everything will be in their other,
let stared blackbird scheglinym glance,
woodpecker suddenly let it appear so,
how was the, who was always with him.
barrel? leaves? barrel. No no, leaves.
Let he followed her rush.
Dui, Dui, Northwind, albeit under the howling
merge it with foliage not only in color.
Let fate divides so, as a shared blood,
let divides up to snow, until his death,
let them shout, to God they extended days,
I extended the foliage - "with my smerte, smerte ".
but in vain, grove, in vain, in vain, forest,
can not merge with the occupant of the house, and flash
love will take place. Look, he's gone.
But what about the scream? What? to Toth. mondegreen.
Snow, snow flies, so no more kinship,
too white flies do not bite anybody blindly.
That there is black? Birds. Not, foliage,
leaves clung to the earth, He is looking to the sky.
Do not wing it? Not. NOT beaks? Not.
That leaves, stalks, leaves, stalks, leaves,
face, underside silently look into the light,
not, no feathers, wolf painting, fox.
Snow, snow flies, the world dusk slit,
rush last thin trunk kicks,
sheet face up poor year promises,
though he does not know that, He does not know.
Seamy side up - heavyset, full year,
huge spike - bread mouse, avian;
face to the ground, do not wait, do not wait for adversity,
look in the foliage, Now look for differences.
Snow, snow flies, where you mchishsya, mouse.
It's too late - the snow, it's time, that all of you were sleeping.
Why ruffle shocks, that rustle,
where you mchishsya. Look, the leaves are fallen.
wrong side up, figure kverhu, down,
Not all eh one thing - they prostrated themselves,
no return to them to the branches rustling.
So what they rustle, make noise, slide,
I am trying to go wrong, how come immediately,
Now the earth and the light of the heavens threaten
One trouble - odnoyu chill eye.
Yes, if there is an eye. Oh no. Yes, if there is a rumor.
Not all eh one, that is hidden in the dead gaze.
Does not it matter, stake it blind and deaf.
And whether there is a voice. No - but I can hear the rustle of.
Not all eh one (list) you go, like the mouth,
earth swallow, winter snow chill.
One in April in all awaken passion,
awaken the passion and the noise in the branches wake.
Does not it matter, Not all eh one, you go,
does not it matter, What does the flattened to the ground,
unclenched fingers, suddenly interrupted speech,
They disappeared into the night, sped away, broke down.
into darkness, in darkness, clothed with dark carpet
rough, Speckled, up and down the underside.
Not all eh one - and the snow shines like chrome,
sparkling crown on each black Ranko.
Does not it matter - a no-no, shining star,
foliage silently hear the cry of a stern,
words that, that in the mouth of a mortal moment
whisper - they catch up to new life.
It becomes dust, that at the last moment
skylight flood; it will rot,
that looks to the land, - leaves hear the cry,
and noise followed suit seeks their efforts.
What the eye sees, what a whisper mouth,
that meets the ear, that suddenly affect the brain,
overtake again hidden view of the sheet…
look around… quickly… until it's not too late.
Snow, snow flies; as at the last moment
think, the exact'll be after, –
subject, shadow, themes, that near them,
chick, socket, foliage, themes, beside that.
If death can become a needle thread,
at death's forces - a dream - a desire ardent,
Hills - flower, flower - a simple bee,
Bee - grass, grass - space again.
Starling nest in a hurry to change the outfit
(fear of those places, where - he thinks - black, empty),
enters into the heart of a number of well-known,
Truth lives in the confirmation of feelings.
About it says only that the edge,
where everything is full of the hum, cry, world,
wrestling, that forces, With a vision of darkness, voids,
desperate calls to her victory:
“Let us return, summer. stack, come back even stack.
Let us return, summer, what are you away from the brain
letishy headlong, come back even though you, sprout
night grass, vernis, too late, late.
Come though haystack, come back at least a sheaf, though the wiring,
come back though sickle, come back even a tuft of misty
in the hour of dawn, vernis, vernis, patch
misty tape carotid ragged grove.
Away, away, night space (fire and brilliance),
away, away, Star of each black crown,
away, away, sunset, disappear, sumrak day,
away, away, the woods, breakages, Rook with a crow.
Away, away, hills, ravine, bush shadow,
away, away, a fox, leave, wolves, memory.
Away, clover, moss, sokroytes in those places,
where the wind rushes: because you did not hurt him.
Away, wind, away, around another light.
Away, away, foliage - from the branches, from view - hide thyself.
Away, native forest, and off, my wing,
away from the brain, Close beak, Do not be afraid”.
Snow, snow flies. goodbye, starling nest.
goodbye, goodbye, fight for the, to remember.
Hurry, hurry, look: much snow everywhere.
Native spring try to fill the mind.
Snow, snow flies. round white, light.
A star burns on sleeping arable land.
blackens the forest, Lake ice has reduced,
and at the bottom of your usual double asleep.
And you go to sleep. Forget that cry, forget.
And you go to sleep: look, as pine sleep.
Always before bedtime harping on something,
but in response to a very different dream.
Snow, snow flies, hiding the red fox,
gray wolves, lake ice crispy,
dreams fly down together with snow
and melt, here, in the darkness, between the brilliant eyes.
Snow, snow flies, and flakes cling fast
ways to night, vane to the dead shooter
and their feathers, lights for a moment to shine,
and only night is visible again - and where - in the gaps.
Snow, snow flies and suppresses every sound,
pea whistles to snowmen carries,
can not whistle - and tears from hand bell –
can not call, rails and quickly decimated.
You can not whistle. can not call, shout.
Snow, snow flies, and in no one the courage.
open your mouth, and suddenly face to face seal
cling, itself a hundred times whiter paper.
Snow, snow flies, and flakes cling to "socks",
for chunks of coal, to the blocks, hidden slag,
to desert hills, arrows to, to "shoe",
to the empty bridge, Picket signs in snow.
Where poles. There is none of them, they are not, kayuk.
You can not communicate with anything by mail.
You can not whistle, you can not make calls to South,
banging key, so only the hut - point.

Snow, snow flies, flakes and cling to the pipe,
to "ease" cling, a glass of red, to the beam,
brass to cling, abbr whistling a,
to the boiler end, to the Mount of collapsible, a flux.
puts everything: hole, where pairs of beeps,
maslenku, bolt, It creates terror accuracy,
all site, whistle, baffle shield,
Private spotlight, stick hills sandboxes.
puts everything: all bids from top to bottom,
hides rod, snow slope grows,
a backdrop for Cling, not visible cheeks scenes,
enters path, chest concealed wheels.
where booth? Not: one big snowdrift.
Injector, reverse, together with other copper,
not skrypnuv, not, dove in the snow tomb,
the latter sending smoke into the darkness of death.
All, still dreamy. Dove patrol in a blizzard.
He does not want to emerge. No strength to wander in the clouds.
extinguished all. "Stolypin" sleeping in the snow.
And sleeping hut. No no, not wake their key.
puts everything: glacier, empty dump-car,
Platforms crowd fills exactly, rhythmically,
all gondolas, big grin railcars,
lift park, boom needle, cistern.
Pullman puts in the midnight gloom,
puts a roof, window, wall, doors,
their steps, coats of arms, locks, souffle,
but inside the dark, at least.
Path in the snow, compositions, all in the snow,
woven tape to the overall snow chaos,
merging with it, falling down with him in the snowstorm.
disappeared Station. Floating between clouds warehouse.
Watch - they are not. And yellow portico taken
in the space of heaven - when? - hours not remember.
Only two arc cornices then slide,
both letters “WITH”, Gathering with the word "ticket office".
all disappeared, but the main winter sound
found a (albeit silent) exit.
Neither the letter is not a hundred miles around.
But that strong - stronger, than passion and whimsy?
But all is silent, but it is silent, silent.
And in the most box office is not visible light,
the whole world has disappeared, and a snowstorm knocks,
as a late guest, the window and the door of the cupboard.

"Fire and Light - the gap between them is not".
The bad example? even though he faces callousness
so, who are waiting to take quite different:
alliance with the onetime stronger, than the connection with the future…
snowstorm knocks. What stubborn knock.
But firmly bolted, and nothing candle flutters.
In vain, for nothing. And that's really gone out chair,
but the pitcher at the entrance to a bright shine.
quite Cathedral… Only half - Water mobiles.
But Breguet light, but brighter - right…
hills, as the waves, But apparently doubly,
and there, in the hills, shiny-headed Cathedral.
Composition adjusting - everything shines like snow.
Hills of snow, and a bridge - like frost
I covered it, and run to take whatever:
green lights out there just like blue.
silence, silence. Station lies in the shadow.
path shine. "What lit?» – “As if…
like blue”. - "sleep". - "The very look".
Earnest in buttercup sky shines dimly…
pour more… out of this, red. Yes…
candle trembles, to here, then this wall
Bay fire… Where you got, where?
where a hurry: blizzard roars. "For changing".

out of this, red… better with it
endure a blizzard and the night (I catch the word),
than anyone alive… After all, only the blood - red…
And so it is - thicker blood all…
pour more… Look: trembles buffet.
blizzard roars. must be, speeding freight…
I do not like, hear… Red color:
mouth always some taste carbon monoxide.
In Polesie, I remember, It was a wooden post…
Assistant lived there for a full year with family.
Broke their beds… all at once in growth…
And poppies, roses - what am I doing with them?
Believe it - tore, the pupil could not carry
oskomy that - they too often.
Believe it - tore… throwing in the sand, the bushes.
But already there - everywhere phlox, asters…
Do not believe, do not believe. Where did you got? It's time?
well, go. Surely midnight? Midnight.
buffet trembles, rings. You in the morning?
White-white… Godspeed… okay… To help.

blizzard roars. Commodity rushes into darkness.
buffet trembles, like leaves in autumn night.
He rushed the wolf and raised his face to the.
He looks out of the clouds, together with the daughter of Latona.
Composition bellows - or rather, one beep
He roared in the darkness - the whole herd sleeps - and gnashing
is such… that look, as the horn,
in an empty cupboard huge buffer Embed.
trembles decanter, trembling glass of wine,
trembles landscape, slipping on the floor broom,
shakes my desk, trembles with geraniums Window,
knives are ringing, a handful of small money…
And remember - in Orsha: in the same way - night.
Spring? Spring. And we are in the depot. not remember?
Buffet opened - a, like here, exactly the same.
The moon lit, and the stars look at Homel.
The arrow - blood. And in the sky - light yellow:
lit moon between all family constellations.
Not a sin to mix - and that he gave to the buffet,
and he hung on two cast iron disks.

Butt boiler looks its star
knows where, but away from death.
The boiler goes out. But the smoke belching thick.
(The pipe itself is a no-no flicker in the lumen.)
Lights buffet; buffer and climbed into the fire,
together with the moon fractions in glass bottles.
bursting Linoli, and the sky bursting stink,
Spotlight hits through the black chair in the back of the head.
burns table, vzmetaet smoke hem
paper curtains, and immediately tablecloth, secondly
jets wines, in the big break, into darkness
runs through the entire fire, as the waves of the sea.
Dark Light, eyes could not stand to watch,
as the edge of the glass, floodlit, shine.
hitting it, It is pouring outside night,
thick river silently on the floor lashing.
And the crack in the floor trembles: Now the Corn.
shake! shake! Crackling dry ends.
Salad and herring, sverknuv, idut when the bottom.
Plates - three sheets, but herring in his element.
Only the price tag intact (one price, without words!),
sticks of waves (as the grotto, beat-up).
Other swimmers Fleece marine shaft
triple long, than wool sheep of Colchis.
And the flames - the door. But the door pinned buffer.
Through the window - you can not: stars pouring out.
A little bit more, night fire and flood.
pitting egg, fire jumped on a saucer.
And swimming, and swimming, bypassing the rack, oven,
rowing along them its growing shadow
for dry wall, - but the board gave a leak,
Buffet ass and whips down temyu.

Shippey Muscat, on oil-wave pours.
Cast-iron bar pressed against yellow chairs.
End of the boiler of his star forward,
God knows where, Looking through the former Pullman.
Begun in the sand. Another runner - in the fishing line.
Brilliant rail side scene entwined with death.
It is impossible to separate. And the stock stood in the cast.
And the tender on its chest was buried in a mound.
Ulysses fire floats in the night scope.
bushes chadyat. Grass around blind:
in its former life searchlight beam forth,
but at this moment in front of him only a handful of ashes.
And it landscape (do you life in bygone) –
Poleski edge, edge in haystacks,
bend of the river; though here scrap iron
Now it shines stronger bends Sejm.
Past sleeps. And a strong beam faded.
Chipping shield stretched in the dry grass.
One tube is able to look up:
crescent counts losses ORS.

Firefighter, sleep, and the court line, sleep!
marshy woodlands, sleep! Snowstorm went tyrannize.
Cast iron horse runs backwards along the rails.
Buffet, grunting, rises, resting in memory.
The arrow - ahem - Surely there salad?
No no, look: flash salad on the plate.
Inspector, sleep! (A court linear pleased.)
Where is the herring? must be, He came to the wise.
The arrow - hell, pour more here.
Pour more out of this, red. However,
Pour won it, a little bit… brother, there water.
Then let's much red. Stop. Not really.
The arrow - hell! How to Protect the world mallow.
Really drunk? No no, obedient feet…
And in the sky that? - Do not close your eyes sin.
Close the eye and up off the road.

throughout the night. I plunged into the blizzard derailed.
Vane sleeping in their frozen sheet.
Inspector, away! Do not stick her long nose.
Wali quickly into bed with a portfolio together.
Inspector, sleep! no hands, no eyes, any word –
glitters window, slumbers home inspector.
My glass is empty, and that's my cupboard is empty,
and I myself have drunk, to curse the phantom portfolio.
Purga svystyt. Zračok goes when the bottom
in the thick of the night. Do I need a passion memory?
watery eyes. need, as the fire the night.
Well! or rather in the darkness of the lens sink.
Forward, pupil. teardrop. Do not bite herring.
The woods (a tear) trembles, and thin poles
seeks trembling - and that trembles pole:
timber length, but hardly deeper death.
who pecked? Death? Answer! forest circling,
and bends the pole, as a thin bridge - rather:
forest circling, and now my brain shivers:
draw here il sink after her?

Snow, snow flies. Where all disappeared, mother!
glasses sleep, leaning to the dirty napkins.
Only oven lights, able to listen century,
opened his mouth, my words incoherent.
woods, burn and listen to my song.
And if there is in me a desire for an imaginary
passions - take her into the stream,
in his jet - and the sky with smoke.
The pupil at the bottom. The other is on fire. when I
a song of my bread but on a dirty fork.
Gori stronger. After all, every sound in the fire
raging since, as a kind of spirit in a bottle.
Let all the dead. but here, in a Strange Land
an hour later, oven, may be, in the last hour,
I have a song you sing one;
metel svystyt, night and rattles in front.

Winter has come. From snowy barn snow
It flies in the field, in the hills, in the forest, ravines,
on the roof to us (generous!), sometimes - up to the eaves
hides them - and those whiter paper.
Winter has come. He disappeared under the snow meadow.
White-white. And he sees a raven,
Boreas himself vpryagsya in crystal plow,
vosled northeaster entails harness harrow.
Paddle, Paddle, whistles, whistles. shalish!
It's all, Is it not true, winds, whim.
Well, that rises from our dark roofs?
Some germ of crust let Pripyat?
Paddle, Paddle, whistles, whistles, winter.
whistling, Northwind, and mchis, northeaster, between the glades!
pipe smokes. Fox slides from the hill.
sheep trembles. No one reaps, not mow.
No one reaps. a boy, compressing the snow,
sneaking Treukhov, crawling on the attack in secret.
Hurrah, snowdrift! and nuclei in the side lays.
Hurrah, land! Although it is not visible mowers.
Paddle, Paddle, whistles, whistles, hide
from the eyes of the forest, fields, ravine, barn,
fences, PIP, and the ends of the earth merge
with a dash madly heaven, not, thoughtlessly.
And let - any DIG, and so let no roads
between the villages, among the clouds, and let the blizzard tyrannized.
that look, from the path of God will bring down
and at a late hour in Polesie was coming to us.
Paddle, Paddle, Grammy, as the May thunder.
Hurry, Take your time to get into the field gaping.
Grammy, Grammy, and cutting the Hutch,
cutting Hutch, pouring from the stars.
Cutting the gate - and heard the creak of the winter,
and ragged clouds flee hurriedly pack.
Let me see the Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces,
Sagittarius and Pisces… and Pisces… Though steel river.
door script, and looks the star world
Points setup, that sleep in the decoration snow,
and slightly trembling, at least a month smoke eclipsed,
beheld their negativity in the space of snow.

Winter has come. neither fish, no flies, no birds.
Only howling wolf yes hares dance bravely.
knocking ice pick: roach, Meet sisters!
poet Rozghok, to give a target centaur.

1964 – 1965

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