There comes a time regrets…

There comes a time regrets
When the half-light of lanterns,
When the half-light illuminations
Not to recognize teachers.
So something is moving among us,
lives, lives, otgovoriv,
Calling their lovers.
And all of a life - heartbeat,
And speaking phrases, yes splash of guilt,
And the night under Keel sex
According to a weak stream of silence.
goodbye , later's creation
My obsessions bounty,
Wins sad guy,
And fragile tenderness flight.
O Lord, that moves the world?!
While we are talking poorly,
What motivates a way out of favor
And breathe my appearance.
Then, that dark lawn
From humiliating losses
Smetana intertemporal grain
On triumphantly asphalt.
And everything comes slowly
And he says - live, live,
circles, urchi before me
Mad skill of love.
Light on the woeful seed,
Lantern sadness today,
And shrugs his shoulders in the dark
And crushing all.

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Joseph Brodsky
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