Baby, Maria, Joseph, kings,
beast, camels, guides of their,
in sheepskin to toe shepherds giants
- everything was a set of toys from clay.

The studded sequins padded snow
burning fire. And touch foil
Star wants to thumb; actually, by all
five - like a baby while in Bethlehem.

Then in Bethlehem it was the largest.
But clay pleased with foil over it
and wool, scattered about haphazardly,
play the role of, that out of sight is lost.

Now you have a huge, than all they. You
now with heights inaccessible to them
- midnight passersby through the window konurki –
from space you look at these figures.

There life goes on, as the century
Some decrease in volume, until
others grow - as it happened with you.
There struggling figures with snow pellets,

and the minor tries to chest.
And pulling squint, or - to step
in another galaxy, echoing in the wilderness
that shines - like the sand in Palestine.

December 1991

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Joseph Brodsky
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