Imagine, striking a match, That night in a cave…

Imagine, striking a match, That night in a cave,
use, to feel the chill, slit
in the floor, to feel hungry - dishes,
and as for the desert, desert everywhere.

Imagine, striking a match, the midnight in a cave,
Fire, the outlines of animals, whether things,
and - giving folds to mix face with a towel –
Mary, Joseph, convolutions and Child.

Imagine three kings, a movement of caravans
to the cave; Verneuil, three rays approximation
to the stars, creaking baggage, brenchanie Botha
(The baby did not work for the time being
on the bell with the echo in the thickening blue).
Imagine, that the Lord is the Son of Man in
first he finds himself in a huge
the dark distance: Homeless in homeless.


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Joseph Brodsky
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