Turn to my profile. In profile, facial features…

Turn to my profile. In profile, facial features
usually clearer, more stable than an oval
with its bloody wheel properties:
a tendency to change places, etc.. d. and so on. P. Used to,
it reminded me at the end of the day,
dead from the chase, about the Pullman car,
about the mad locomotive, at night on the canvas
stopping in the palm of my hand,
and the owl screamed in the forest. Today I am with shame
I understand - hardly an owl; but in the dark, love-
it was expensive to confuse an owl with a thrush:
broad cheekbone bird with profile bird, bird beak.
And at least to see less from the side, it's not a pity anyway
was on the right side of the face, if you look to the left.
Yes, and that voice could peck sadness during the night,
crumbled with her bare hand behind the threshold of bread.


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Joseph Brodsky
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