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Not that - lunar crater, not - Coliseum; not that –
somewhere in the mountains. And the man in the coat
talking to a man, a contraction in the fingers of his staff.
Nearby devour dog looking in garbage.

not important, what are they talking about. see,
the sublime; about such things, as grace
and the pursuit of truth. This irresistible
feeling quite natural to talk to a pilgrim.

Rocks - or remnants of past columns –
covered with wild vegetation. And slope
Pilgrim head testifies known
Reconciliation - with the world in general and the local

fauna in particular. "Yes", says his
outside, “I do not care, if pricked. Nothing
wrong with that. Taunt - one of many
properties, inherent surface. Get at least four-legged:

it does not bother them; and we should not, woman
feet have half. May be, on the moon
things are different. but here, which usually last
mixed now, taunt gives soles

- barefoot and especially - to feel, so to speak,
difference. Basically, feel
we can only present - naturally, adapting
to the epidermis. And deny Shoes”.

Though, it is - in the mountains. Or - in the middle
the ancient ruins. And hands, crossed on the chest
Togo, that coat, highlight, as it is motionless.
"Yes", says his stance, “basically, roof huts

resemble the silhouette to the outlines of mountains.
it, of course, not to the huts of honor and not a reproach
mountain tops, but confirms propensity
nature to a simple geometry. I.e, cone won,

it is a little bit carried away. And the mountains from afar
similar to peasant housing, the hut laborer
around. No need to be very drunk,
To discover similarities with temporary permanent

with the past and present. Especially - when walking.
And if you - Pilgrim, you know, that the fate of
favorable, that a man believed himself the servant
remained behind, than gravel under foot

and haze ahead. haze ahead
It represents the future and says, “go
to me”. But as to your Mareva approximation
it takes, thin, familiar with the expression

of the past: the same slopes, the same tufts of grass.
So I shod”. “But did you have any, –
I disagree with him a pilgrim. - Fun,
you put it that way. For recently

you were only a point in the haze, then grown in a spot”.
“Brother, we are just two of the past. Two previous one give
the present. And this, I note, at best
case. At worst - we do not get

even this. At worst, pencil
or needle artist depicted landscape
without us. Fascinated by haze, dalyu,
eye of an artist has the right to be neglected piece

- ie, my and your existence of. we –
the, what landscape does not need godfathers in cakes.
Or present, or in the future. Even more so - in hybrids.
you see, landscape has a past in its purest form,

lishivsheesya owner. When it is - just a color
things at a distance; her reply
in the space of a habit to dispose of the body
in their own way. And so the past can be black-and-white,

brown, dark green. That's why sometimes
artist is fascinated by the mountain
or, let us say, the ruins. And we must pay Giovanni
due, For Giovanni attentive to fine duds

like us, contemplating the Alps, the ancient Rome”.
"You, so, emerged from the past?"- worried pilgrim.
But the companion paused, looking tired
dog, which is still something to himself he took

dinner in the garbage heap and about
vzvizgnet happiness, that she lives.
"Well no, - Finally he drops. - We are here for a reason, We walk ".
Then the landscape is announced leaping barking suchim.

1993 – 1995

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