Dedicated to Chekhov

Sunset, leaving the veranda, delayed by the samovar.
But tea is cold or drunk; in a saucer of jam - fly.
And very heavy hairpiece to face Varvara
Andreevna, in profile - especially. Starched blouse deaf
fastened at the chin. In the armchair, extinguished with tube,
Vyaltsev rustling newspaper speech Nedobrovo.
Varvara Andreevna under rustling skirt

Grand piano in the living room turns black, listening to the applause
rigid leaves of hawthorn. unselected
chords students Maximova wake of the cicadas in the garden,
and a duck in the clear sky, in anticipation of aviation,
float in the direction of Germany. The lamp is not lit.,
Dunya secretly in the office reading a letter from Nikki.
Durnuška, but how lying! and so different from

Therefore Erlich winces, Kartashov when calling
compete in the game of cards with him, and Dr. Prigogine.
It is easier to swat a fly, than brush off
thoughts of naked niece, saves on the leather
couch from mosquitoes and the heat at all.
Prigogine rents, like eating, all on his stomach on the table.
ask, whether, Doctor on a small pimple?
But is it worth?

Sweltering summer twilight, short-sighted of the day,
it's time, when every unit loses one-tenth.
“Kolomyankovoy you in a couple can be taken for a statue
at the far end of the alley, Pyotr Ilyich”. "Me?» –
It forced a troubled Ehrlich, wiping his glasses with a handkerchief.
but the truth: close at dusk converge somewhat with dalyu,
and Ehrlich tries to remember, how many times he had Natalia
Fyodorovna in a dream.

But if the doctor loves Vyaltseva? Trees on all sides
stick to the open windows of the manor, both girls to a guy.
They should ask, from theirs crows and crowns,
the vase, penetrated in particular to Varvara Andreyevna bedroom;
He only sees the mistress in her stockinged.
Outside Calling Dunya swim in the evening lake.
Jump, oprokinuv table! but it is difficult, when in the hands of
all the cards.

And the chorus of cicadas is growing to the extent that, as the number
in the garden of stars increases, and it seems ihnim voice.
What - if indeed? "Where has brought me?» –
Ehrlich thinks, Pottering in the wooden outhouse with a belt.
To the station - thirty miles; somewhere cock sings.
Student, unbuttoned jacket, It accuses ministers in stagnation.
The province is also one does not give anyone.
Both in space.


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