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BUT. I. Sergeyev


"Empire - a country for fools".
Movement is blocked due to
Emperor's arrival. Crowd
legionnaires thronging, songs, shouting;
but closed palanquin. love object
He does not want to be an object of curiosity.

An empty coffee house behind the palace
tramp-Greek with unshaven invalid
play dominoes. on the tablecloth
are the scum of the street light,
and echoes jubilation peacefully
stir curtains. Greek loser
considers drachma; winner asks
hard boiled egg and a pinch of salt.

The spacious bedroom old farmer
He tells young hetero,
I saw the Emperor. Getera
He does not believe, and laughs. These are
a prelude to love their games.


Carved in marble satyr
and the nymph look into the depth of the pool,
whose expanse covered rose petals.
vicar, barefoot, own
bloody muzzle local king
for three doves, ugorevshih in the test
(at the moment of cutting the cake soaring,
but immediately falls on the table).
spoiled holiday, if not career.
King silently writhing wet
floor under the powerful, sinewy knee
vicegerent. Blahouhane roses
clouding wall. slaves indifferently
look ahead, how izvayanyya.
But no reflection smooth stone.

In the uncertain light of the moon northern,
coiled pipe in the palace kitchens,
tramp-Greek embracing a cat watching,
as the two slaves carried out of doors
corpse cooks, wrapped in a mat,
and slowly descend to the river.
rustling gravel.
Man on the roof
He is trying to pinch the cat's mouth.


Abandoned boy barber
Looking in the mirror silently - should be,
sad about it, and completely forgetting
soaped client head.
"Maybe, the boy did not come back ".
Meanwhile the client time quietly napping
and sees a purely Greek dreams:
with gods, with kifaredami, with the struggle
in the gymnasium, wherein pungent smell of sweat
tickles the nostrils.
Starring the ceiling,
big fly, making a circle, sits down
the white cheek soaped
and fallen asleep, drowning in the froth,
as poor peltasts Xenophon
in the snows of the Armenian, slowly creeps
through the gaps, projections, gorge
to the top and, bypassing the muzzle mouth,
tries to climb on the nose.

Greek reveals a terrible black eye,
and fly, vzvыv of terror, soars.


Dry post-holiday night.
Flag in doorway, similar to the horse's muzzle,
chews air lips. labyrinth
empty streets bathed in moonlight:
monster, should be, sound asleep.

The farther away from the palace, the smaller statues
and puddles. On the facade disappears modeling.
And if the door opens onto a balcony,
it is closed. Apparently, and here
night's rest save only the walls.
The sound of his own footsteps quite sinister
and at the same time defenseless; air
already laced fishes: houses
But the lunar road
streams on. black Felucca
it intersects, like a cat,
and dissolves in the darkness, beckoned,
what's next, actually, it is not necessary to go.


The pasted on billboards
"Letter to the rulers" known,
known local Kifared, boiling
indignation, boldly stands
urging the Emperor to remove
(on the next line) with copper coins.

The crowd gesticulates. youths,
gray old men, mature men
and knowledgeable literacy hetaera
unanimously approve, what
"This was not before" - at the same time
without specifying, exactly what
courage or servility.

Poetry, should be, composed
in the absence of distinct boundaries.

Incredibly blue horizon.
The rustling of the surf. Stretching,
like a lizard in March, dry
hot stone, naked man
luschit stolen almonds. aloof
chained two interconnected slave,
gathered, it is seen, swim,
laughing, helping each other take off
their rags.
incredibly hot;
Greek and slides from the stone, zakativ
eyes, as the two silver drachma
a new image of the Dioscuri. 1


excellent acoustics! Builder
No wonder lice fed seventeen
on Lemnos 2. acoustics is beautiful.

Day too delicious. Crowd,
otlivshayasya stadium in shape,
frozen and held his breath, heed

he reviled, where two soldiers
pummel each other in the arena,
to, incensed, grab the swords.

The purpose of the competitions is not to murder,
but in a fair and logical death.
Drama laws go into sport.

acoustics is beautiful. in the stands
only men. The sun gilds
shaggy lions government box.
The whole stadium - one big ear.

"You're away!"-" You yourself away ". - "Scum and carrion!»
And Tut Vicar, whose face is like
udder pus, laughs.


cool noon.
Lost somewhere in the clouds
iron spire of the municipal tower
It is at one and the same time
gromootvodom, lighthouse and place
raising of the national flag.
Inside - a prison located.

It is estimated once, that usually –
in satrapies, during the Pharaohs,
Muslims, in the era of Christianity –
il sat happened executed
about six percent of the population.
Therefore, even a hundred years ago
grandfather of the current Caesar conceived
justice reform. repealing
immoral practice of the death penalty,
it with a special law
six percent of those reduced to two,
obliged to go to jail, of course,
for term of life. not important, committed Do
you are not guilty of a crime or;
law, in fact, as a tax.
It was then that the tower was erected.

Blinding shine chrome steel.
At the forty-third floor of a shepherd,
put his face through the window,
He sends down their smile
who came to visit his dog.


Fountain, depicting a dolphin
In the open sea, completely dry.
It is quite clear: stone fish
able to do without the water,
like that - without fish, made from stone.
That is the verdict of the Arbitration Court.
Whose sentences are distinguished dryness.

Under the white colonnade of the palace
on the marble steps of a bunch of swarthy
leaders in crumpled colorful robes
waiting for the appearance of their king,
how to cast on the tablecloth bouquet –
glass vases filled with water.

The king appears. The leaders stand
and shaking their spears. smiles,
arms, kissing. king slightly
confused; but the convenience of dark skin:
on it is not as visible bruises.

Tramp-Greek calls to his Maltz.
"What are they talking?"-" Who, these ones?»
"To her". - "thanks to its". - "For what?»
The boy picks up a clear view:
"For the new laws against the poor".


grid, separating the lion
from the public, cast iron in the embodiment
reproduces the jungle of confusion.

Moss. Metal dew drops.
liana, entwine lotus.

Nature is imitated with the
love, which is capable of
only human, that not all
equally, where to get lost: in most or
in desert.


Athlete Legionnaire in shining armor,
carrying custody near the white door,
because of which the murmur is heard,
looking out the window at passing women.
His, sticking out here for an hour,
already beginning to appear, as if
no different beauties bottom
pass by, but one and the same.

Big gold letter M,
decorated the door, in fact,
only capitalized in comparison with the,
huge and crimson from the strain,
crouching behind the door on the flow
water, in order to consider all
details of their display.

Finally, running water
no worse sculptors, all the kingdom
image that flooded.

transparent, murmuring stream.
Huge, perevernutыy Verzuvyy, 3
looming over it, delaying the eruption.

All general now comes with a scratch.
Empire like a trireme
in the channel, for trireme too narrow.
Rowers battered oars on land,
and stones strongly peel board.
Not, not to tell, so we really stuck!
movement is, movement occurs.
We are still sailing. And we have no one
no overtaking. But, Alas, so little
It looks like it's former speed!
And how can we not sigh about the times,
when everything went fairly smoothly.


The lamp goes out, and wick chadit
already in the dark. A thin trickle
floats to the ceiling, whose white
in pitch darkness in the first minute
I agree to any form of light.
Even soot.
Outside the window the whole night
noise in the garden heavy nepolotom
aziysky downpour. But mind - dry.
so dry, what, It is covered
cold flame pale arms,
flammable faster, than leaf
paper or old firewood.

But the ceiling can not see this flash.

our Coppola, either on its own ashes
leaving, man comes
in the damp darkness, and walks to the gate.
But the silvery voice nightjar
She tells him to go back.
Under rain
he, povinuâsʹ, reenters the kitchen
and, taking off the belt, pours on
iron table the remaining drachmas.
then goes.
The bird screams.


Sought to move the border, Greek
roomy bag and pulled after
in neighborhoods near the market caught a
twelve cats (Pocherney) and with it
rasping, meow load
He arrived at night in the forest border.

The moon shone, she always
in July shine. watch dogs,
of course, We filled all the valley
melancholy barking: cat stopped
in the bag to make trouble, and almost silenced.
And Greece promolvil quiet: “Good hour.

Athena, do not leave me. Go
in front of me”, - and himself added:
“On this part of the border I put
six cats. Neither one bolshe”.
The dog does not climb up a pine tree.
As to the soldiers - soldiers are superstitious.

Everything happened in the best way. Moon,
dogs, cats, sueverye, pine –
the whole mechanism of load. he climbed
the pass. But at the moment, when it
one foot to the other powers,
he found it, I had missed:

turning round, He saw the sea.

It lay far below.
Unlike animals, human
It is able to escape from, he loves
(only to distinguish themselves from animals!)
But, as saliva dog, give out
his animal nature tears:

"ABOUT, Tallassa!..» 4
But in this world a bad
You can not hang so long in sight,
the pass, in the moonlight, if a
You do not want to become a target. throwing his burden,
he cautiously started down,
in the interior of the continent; and rose to meet

fir comb instead horizon.


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