years pass. On the brown wall of the palace
crack appears. blind seamstress, finally, thread a
in the golden ear. And the Sagrada Familia, Opava with the entity,
approaching one millimeter to Egypt.

The visible world is populated by a majority of living.
The streets are lit bright, but outsiders
light. And at night, the astronomer
meticulously count the number of tips.


I'm not able to remember, when and where
event occurred. Or that.
yesterday? A few days ago? In water?
In the air? The local garden? With me?

And the event itself - say an explosion,
deluge, women lie, lights Kuzbass -
He does not remember, thereby hiding
or me, or those, who escaped.


it, apparently, so, that we are now at the same time
with life. What I did, too, part of
rustling matter, whose cloth
It infects the skin colorless suit of.

I now also in profile, right, indistinguishable
from any latki, folds, Knitted spiders,
shares and values, consequences or causes
from that, which can not know, strongly desire, fear.


Touch me - and you touch dry burr,
dampness, inherent in the evening or noon,
city ​​quarry, expanse of the steppes,
those, one dead, but whom I remember.

Touch me - and then you zadenesh,
besides me there, not believing
to me, my face, coat,
the, in whose eyes we, eventually, ever loss.


I'm talking with you, not my fault
if you can not hear. The amount of days, namozolil
human eyes, also affects the
ligament. My voice deaf, but, I think, NOT intrusive.

It is - to hear doodle, tick-tock,
in the heart of the plate shuffling needle.
It - that you did not notice, when I be silent, as
Little Red Riding Hood did not say the wolf.


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Joseph Brodsky
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