Portrait of a tragedy

Look at the face of tragedy. We see her wrinkles,
its hook-nosed profile, chin man.
We hear her contralto voice with a hint of devilry:
raucous aria investigation louder, than squeak reasons.
Hi, tragedy! You have not seen for a long time.
Hello, the flip side of the coin.
Let us consider in detail your details.

Look into her eyes! The enhanced pain
pupils, Karim induced willpower
the lens is on us - whether on the ground, that
giving, conversely, in someone's fate tour.
good evening, with the heroes and gods of tragedy,
with poorly veiled curtain feet,
with own name, drowning in the general din.

We embed it into his mouth with his fingers shattered scurvy
keys, c vospalennыm voltaic arc
heaven, spat ashes of relatives and a blizzard.
DELAY her skirt, We see her naked.
Well, if you want to, tragedy, - amaze us!
VIEW body betrayal, loss
the body, EVOH minus, injured innocence.

Nestle cheek tragedy! For black curls Gorgon,
to the rough board on the side of the icon,
by rolling with cheekbone, both the East coaches,
a star, took a fancy band and straps.
Hi, tragedy, not dressed in the fashion of,
with time, receiving from the referee in the face.
You are well on the nature, but it is better in the morgue.

Ruhnu's arms tragedy readily Lovelace!
We dive into it is not a young meat.
Pierces through it, to springs of the mattress.
Perhaps it will make. So race survives.
What's new in the repertoire, tragedy, in wardrobe?
And - speaking of the product in your womb –
the better the role of large creatures role nondescript fraction?

Inhale its foul smell! Armpit and uncleanness
multiplied by the sum of the angles and fifth in their ark.
Scream hysterically: “Who do you
I accept!” Feel an attack of vomiting.
thank, tragedy, for it, that irreparable,
that there is no abortion cherub,
not pass by, you try pyrom udder.

Her face is ugly! It is not covered with a mask,
duckweed, zamazkoy, bashful paint,
hands, busy intersection,
a standing ovation, nervous shake.
thank, tragedy, for it, you are honest,
as a cleaver on the head, breaking the razor Vienna,
for it, do not you demand time, that - instantly.

Who we are, non-statues, non-fabric,
so as not to give his life irrevocably disfigure?
That too can be regarded as litter; but
Even more interestingly,, if the thing disembodied.
Do not hesitate to take it, tragedy, total genre.
What do you think, eg, the death of all that is holy?
No wonder you to face and jacket, and rigid.

See: she smiles! She says: “Now I
I'll start. In this case, important to start,
what the outcome. Remove watches wrist.
Give me a man, I'll start with adversity”.
Come on, tragedy, act. vowel, reaching throat,
choose “s”, invented Mongol.
Make it a noun, make it a verb,

adverb and interjection. “s” - common inhale and exhale!
“s” we wheezing, blyuya of losses and gains
or - rushing to the door marked "exit".
But there you stand, with drin, bulging eyes.
Embedding in a familiar way, tragedy. davi us, knead dough how.
We are with you tied, even though not the bride.
Spit us in dushu, until there is a place

and when it is not! Turn this thing into a quagmire,
which the Holy Spirit, Father and Son
do not go. Thicken in rubber,
she rolled the dice aminazinu, Plug here and there aspen:
give, tragedy, similarity with the nature of the soul!
Arhanhelov hybrids with golden roto!
Come on, how Michurin said fruit, freak.

Earlier, friend, You have the power.
You came at midnight, neighborhood ksivoy,
He quoted Racine, It was beautiful.
Now your face - a cross between a dead end with the prospect of.
So finds a herd of address and soil - tree.
Everywhere looms your outline - right or left.
fire away, Open Vorota hleva.


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Joseph Brodsky
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