Chapter one

On Christmas Eve, I was also invited to pies.
Outside the windows circled
Crude nightly snowfall,
advertising light up at random,
I pressed his head to the pane:
the windows loomed guard.

Trams rattled in the darkness,
wagons rumbling on the bridge,
tapped floes of the bulls,
I could hear the rustling of the river,
at the crossroads of a drunkard came,
I even tighter to the pane pressed.

The wind was blowing, fluttering snowfall,
loomed in the snow six spades.
Glistened unfrozen water,
indeveli fine wires.
He squeaked a log deck.
Stood at the crossroads of a drunkard.

All the shadows outside the window quadruple,
lantern swung reflection
I have drunk just above his head.
From booth separated guard
and moved along the wall to an angle,
and the shadow went in the other direction.

Trams rattled in the darkness,
trembling beams on the bridge,
I could hear the rustling of the river,
flashed in the darkness trucks,
taxi swept away at full speed,
flickering lights at the crossroads.

The wind was blowing, occurred snowstorm
He picks up a blue overcoat.
At the crossroads of drunk hiccup.
lantern swung, his shadow sought.
But his shadow hidden in underwear.
maybe, it was not at all.

He crept cautiously to the wall,
nothing disturbed the silence,
and the shadow of his hurried away,
he snuck and feared one,
not so drunk threw a run.
He thought at this time about another.

The wind was blowing, and swinging bush,
It was slow and thick snowfall.
Under the snowy veil solid
he stood, surrounded by white.
It was snowfall, and a trace of it disappeared,
as if it came from heaven.

It was impossible to meet their ward,
it was impossible to warn him,
three of them turned. The third - the fear.
Above the lantern swaying darkness,
I fancied, that is nearing snowstorm.
Between them was three steps.

Suddenly the wind blew loudly,
between them flashed the car,
darted crisp white wing.
Suddenly my eyes clouded,
at the crossroads of someone shouted "no",
for a moment extinguished, and again flashed the light.

Was a crossroads again quiet and empty,
loomed in the shadows black bush.
The clock below shows the hour.
Loomed in the distance headless Spas.
Blackened unfrozen water.
Around I could not see any trace.

I think sometimes that, that night,
unable to overcome the snow
and not even a quarter, or a third,
unable to overcome a host of shadows,
which extolled the snow,
It gives scope for unknown forces.

so, everything was empty and dark,
a little more I looked out the window,
in the darkness of the bush I stopped shivering,
trams continued to rattle,
away - was trembling flooring.
I slowly lowered the curtain.

Slightly budge white sheets.
Mother darned socks purple,
father repaired my camera.
Leafing through the magazines on the bed Brother,
and the cat purring on the air heater.
I silently ties studied.

Was quiet and gloom,
He dived into the hair shiny needle,
over her glasses glittered in the gloom,
gleaming lenses on the table,
in the dark cat with rumbling breathing,
tie in the mirror I rustled.

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Joseph Brodsky
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