You, pendulum, your soul clean,
You pendulum from the manger to the cross,
like a pendulum, another like a pendulum,
like the pendulum of your hand with money,
you pendulum, counting span
of Lazarus to the fig tree, and reverse,
like a pendulum from anger and love,
you move like a pendulum in the blood.
you pendulum, transcend suffering,
You pendulum in the darkness at anything,
You pendulum and the pendulum brother,
Your soul is a beautiful face,
like a pendulum, so you will not forget,
your face, like a pendulum, oval.

like a pendulum, it clever, the fool,
You pendulum from the light and into the darkness
for windows, like a pendulum, ryabya, –
conception, like a pendulum, you.
you pendulum, like a pendulum myself,
You pendulum by leaps and bounds,
like a pendulum, forgive me, The Lord,
like a pendulum, and the flesh of your soul,
You pendulum on each head,
You pendulum - from the girl in the grass,
You pendulum downstairs and upstairs,
You pendulum of suffering and sin,
You pendulum from street shadows
apokalyptycheskyh to horses.


I pendulum. Do not touch me.
I pendulum for Tomorrow.
For future passions tremble,
I myself warn them.
See themselves in poverty,
see themselves on the shield,
notice the regulars in hospitals
divine fate units.

Confession, prize and crown,
the ability to anticipate the end of,
dignity, bestowing power,
capacity, uplifting passion,
ability to rise out of place,
like a pendulum - beautiful telepath.

Able to hang in the balance,
capable of deceit and misery,
capable of intercourse everywhere,
capable of opal and star,
capable of mixing in the blood,
capable of being infected, and love,
you need not turn out the lights,
you need not have left their mark,
your acquaintances do not protect secrets,
after you run your senses.
What is startling to the eye,
than a feeling, nastigayushtie us
with the intention to get us to the throat?
I advise you to be a pendulum.

April 1962

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Joseph Brodsky
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