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Poem-mystery in two parts, and acts in 42 chapters, scenes

The idea of ​​the poem - the idea of ​​the personification of ideas about the world, and in this sense it is - trivial anthem. The objective is achieved by inserting more or less approximate representations of these formulations in the mouth not more than twenty, as less conventional characters. The wording take the form of romances. Romance - the concept is conditional, in essence - a monologue. Romances are designed for utterance - and uttering the maximum expression: in that, as well as some of the mystery prolixities affects the character of the poem. romances, Besides, should be pronounced high voices: the lower limit of - undesirable - baritone, top - perfect - viola. Other instructions - Shakespeare in "Hamlet", at 3 act.

part I

It is time for a long time for everything give thanks,
for all, it is impossible to give
someday, anyone of you
and smile, as if for the first time
at your door, love pushed,
but it is impossible to smile again.

goodbye, Goodbye - I whisper on the go,
among the familiar streets once again go,
glass tremble me,
increasing the distance the familiar hum of the day,
and extinguished the lights in the doorways.
- Goodbye, love, ever call.

So look around sometime ago:
are home to half-closed eyes,
and by them which year
on sidewalks procession goes.


Here Harlequin pushing his sleigh,
and dripping sweat on the street Sand,
Columbine and waving from the sledge.
But Fiddler, in the hands of his longing
and a few coins. This is the Fiddler.
And next to him paces Crying,
crying room and streets in a coat,
brilliant speeding car,
crying all the people. And next to him Poet,
long-unshaven and somehow dressed
and hungry, it batters shiver.
And between the houses gray pouring rain,
hanging from the windowsill flowers,
and there, at the bottom, pace you.
Here is the street parade,
and some softly singing,
and someone glances up,
and someone porugivat century,
as, eg, tired Man.
And the rain, and outbreaks of cigarettes,
steps and the rustle of morning newspapers,
and rustling neproglazhennyh leg
(bad because in breeches, harlequin),
and the tinkling of the remaining coins,
and their shadows follow them after.

love those, who has lived in the dark
and I did not leave on their own securities
memory and what really on there,
I never thought about changing places,
who has lived, but do not become
no victim, neither party to the fun,
in the procession on the occasion of hitting.
This is the hero. In the poem, he is silent,
does not speak, not whispering, not shout,
listening to the cries of other,
without committing any acts.
I try to inspire you to play:
no one being seen at times,
Remember - there is a hero.


Here is the street parade.
Here hobbling Myshkin idiot,
in a cape over a plate bending.
- How are you now the, dear Prince,
As early as September, and new winter
more than one will bring to mind,
oh dear, calm down finally. –
Here paces behind Liar,
planted elegantly head,
lie in the great words of mouth,
and next to him, graduated from the campaign,
the intrepid knight Don Quixote
talking with the merchant of cloth
and the fate of. Brother, my fault
you appears a terrible crowd,
dazzled, idea so stupid,
but all is not in vain. Here's the book on the table,
all conversations about good and evil
keep to yourself is not the chore,
surely you will not take away.
Put on the table a glass bunch of evil,
Found in the crowd figure of the King,
Forgotten Kings to light the darkness,
Now in September, Then winter comes.
The procession goes along the street,
and the rain pours sullenly among the houses.
Here is a man, God knows what warmed,
here is a man - for a couple of cigarettes
all he will reveal the secret of honesty,
who wants, he will listen to the story,
Chestnyaga - so call it from us.
I imagine you dare
Prince Hamlet, kind friends –
our company - all the princes yes princes.
I dare to believe, three hundred years,
Prince Hamlet, you come up with the answer
and you shall present it. is.

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