Dedicated to Yalta

story, discussed below,
true. Unfortunately, nowadays
not only lies, but the simple truth
It needs a solid confirmation of
and arguments. Is this not a sign,
that we are entering into a completely new,
but the sad world? It proved true
there is, actually, is not true, and all
only the amount of evidence. But now
I do not say "I believe", and "agree".

The atomic age people care anymore
not things, and the structure of things.
And as a child, raspatroniv doll,
weeps, finding in it dust,
so underpinnings of certain
events we usually accept
for the most events. This has
its charm, insofar as
motives, relations, medium
and so on - all this is the life. And for life
we have been taught how to treat
the object of our reasoning.

Sometimes it seems, only need to
interweave motifs, relations,
Wednesday, challenges - and there will be
event; let's say - a crime.
But no. Through the windows - a typical day,
it's spitting rain, running machine,
and telephone (clew
cathodes, adhesions, terminals, resistance)
silent. Event, Alas,
not happening. However, thank God.

Described here happened in Yalta.
Naturally, I'm going to meet
above representation
the truth - that is, I will disembowel
the doll. But forgive me
good reader, if somewhere
I will add to the truth element of art,
which, in the end, there is
the basis of all events (although the art
the writer is not the art of living,
but only his likeness).
Witnesses are given in the order,
in which they were shot. Here is an example
Depending on the truth of art,
rather than art - from the presence of the truth.


“He called that night and said,,
would not come. And we have agreed with him
on Tuesday, that on Saturday it
me glance. Yes, just Tuesday.
I called him and invited
him to come, and he said,: "On Saturday".
From what purpose? Just we've been
We would like to sit down and make out together
one debut Chigorin. And all.
Other, as you put it here, goals
at our meeting was not. While
provided, of course, the desire to
to see a nice person
the aim is not called. However, you
Prominent… but, Unfortunately, that evening
it, calling, He said, would not come.
It's a pity! I wanted to see him.

As you said: I was excited? No.
He spoke in his usual tone.
Sure, the phone has a phone;
but, you know, when a person can not see,
slightly sensitize voice.
I did not hear the excitement… In fact,
he somehow was strange words.
It was more of the breaks,
always confuses some. After all, we
silence interlocutor usually
We perceive as a work of thought.
And it was pure silence.
You begin to feel the
dependence on this silence,
and this greatly annoyed many.
No, I knew, this is the result
injuries. Yes, I'm sure of it.
How else do you explain… how?
Yes, so, He was not worried. However,
because I judge by his voice and only.
I will say at least one:
then on Tuesday and then on Saturday
He said the usual tone. If a
During this time something happened and,
it is not Saturday. He called!
Anxious do not do that!
I, eg, when the waves… what?
As our conversation flowed? Kindly.
As soon as the bell sounded, I immediately
I picked up. “good evening, it's me.
I need to apologize to you.
It happened, that come today
I fail”. true? Very sorry.
May be, on Wednesday? I call you?
Have mercy, which then resentment!
So until Wednesday? And he: "Good night".

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