Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

Part 1. Morning and evening

Chapter 1

Anatolia hired

Forget yourself and briefly
peeling brick barracks,
when you go quietly
at the Nicholas Station,

when little otrinesh,
sliding into the car along the river,
Look shiny showcase
the blue jackets.

But a lot of broken needles
at the time ruined dress,
even their own friends
be in love, as thyself.

Well, that's bread for analogies,
while in a taxi backpack and you.
Food you God, Anatoly,
short fuss icon

Plug into a narrow buttonhole,
and in the middle of the mirror frame
slide the feet, to gravitate toward people
and all the love in the evenings.

Chapter 2

Razyezzhaya street swagger,
ends, counters, mess,
its merchant idleness,
its tenements.

And still you nice,
friends having survived shooting,
of polstoletiya back
here to move themselves,

and head poumnevshey,
do not notice me,
bow down to death before the rush
and anger this day.

Rather, with Ligovka Nevsky,
where the shops through the door,
where it is so easy to Komissarzhevskaya
Now you would have missed.

The worst thing for a man
stand with bowed head
and wait for the bus and the century
on the deserted bridge.

Chapter 3 (letter)

Both along the brown barracks,
the lattice dark look,
when narrow channels
I go out of the parade,

how are you all things,
iron fence do not need,
but all is clear in the evening
and all the terrible, and all the terrible.

My favorite, where shall I go,
but I say - live, live,
live all the way and our poverty
obliterates, the sweat of love.

understand, understand, that prevents all,
that the age of screaming and I have no strength,
when a century separates,
although used less requested.

bless you, favourite, God,
come back someday home,
pity myself more, more,
my favorite, my favorite.

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Joseph Brodsky
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