Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

the Neva flows to an empty summer,
circling bridges with longing, with longing,
you will pass too, and no answer
you leave the question of the river,

channels splash and crackle of ropes,
and my life is full, full,
empty houses, humpback bridges,
the waves of the unclenched rivers are dark,

open rivers, apartments and fields,
taxis slide, eyes slide,
unclenched hands of love and grief,
unclenched hands, ways back.

Chapter 22

Departure. Here is the uneven monument
love, monument to myself,
railway station, I'm an abandoned lover,
I'm yours with wheels in destiny.

Tell, where am i going
of these crying years,
a foreign country flashes in the window,
waving the trees after.

River, and a monument, and fortress –
you see everything again in a dream,
and a trolleybus flies along Morskaya
with love in a locked window.

And there is no return to the homeland,
some suffering is true,
beyond the Petersburg fences
return the grievances somehow.

You will distribute everything on the winter benches
in unfamiliar cities
and feed the collected stones
summer greedy sparrows.

Chapter 23

Hanging to the wet signs,
foliage light, foliage light,
above the Sink gray facades
swirl, like clouds,

your day runs between eternal troubles,
asphalt rustle business,
whistling under my breath, to the noise and rumble,
autumn moves out from Mokhovaya,

look after her and, if you want to,
tell yourself sadness is poor,
about, how do you sincerely leave,
leaving only names

the fate of, fate or picture,
but between you, wandering after,
and between my fingers
more and more air and years,

extended steps, prolong the suffering,
while your head is spinning
and desires are cut off
in the shower, like new foliage.

Chapter 24

dusk, wind, calming down,
hurried to the Liteiny Bridge,
dragging away from the alleys
cigarette butts, dusty foliage.

In the distance, sloping across the square
two trucks were pulling out,
with the last reflection of the sunset
clouds huddled together.

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Joseph Brodsky
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