Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

in the trellis and in the mirror the second
take a closer look, and you
see a portrait of the hero
against the background of the rushing Neva,

listen to unsteady desires
and faster, and faster
wrap yourself around your throat
all lantern necklace,

about, bored in this room,
the hero sullenly repeated,
and a bad lot behind the wall,
buzz, tripled the piano,

Yes, in this tired room
Catch from behind the doors, caught
all these teen blows
unlovingly, unlovingly.

Chapter 19

April, April, run and cough,
drop yourself from warm hands,
over the Peter and Paul Tower
time closes a narrow circle,

not, not. There will be at least something,
at least you, april light,
at least you, my job.
Not an inch, not an inch,

not an inch and no goal,
sideways movement, why hide,
and so it really is,
and how it sounds - do not care.

One - by the Tauride garden,
one - for Pestela home,
one - head off, hands, backwards,
kicking. Wall. Oh my God.

Taxi, Cathedral. I do not understand.
House of officers, may ball.
Suck yourself off in early May,
where am i, Jesus, hit.

Chapter 20

So stop in fright
on non-green islands,
so you stay in Petersburg
on state rights,

not, in words, the words of the novel,
not feet on the grass
and on the asphalt - from your pocket
get life in any chapter.

AND, may be, heroes live,
walk your streets,
and clouds overhead
swimming they say: We create

one human hand,
even so, in pencil,
at least for a day, like three centuries,
great peace in his soul.

Part III. Shine

Chapter 21 (Romance)

Spring, Spring, people come
to an empty river, rustling granite,
River flows, whom do you judge,
tell, who is right, the river repeats,

the tugboat behind the Summer Garden hums,
asphalt creaks, the grass is rustling,
channels shine and splash grooves,
and all alone, one stanza:

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Joseph Brodsky
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