Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

but in the same lane
among snowdrifts and moraines
easy in winter in St. Petersburg
live without change,

while he draws a window sill
on the yellow edges of newspapers
unpopular triangle
love, routine, troubles,

and only Neva restless
clouds drive to the bay,
palaces, passers-by and columns
and bitter fiction verse.

Chapter 16

On the hills again, on the hills,
and the radiometer pops,
and raises low
us on ourselves Aldan shield.

On him and with him. My reasons,
how are your rhymes, in sight,
this is our bread: walking season,
four months a year.

On the hills again, on the slopes,
taiga, swirling around,
not greener than your wagons,
Express Khabarovsk - Petersburg.

Here is a characteristic system of metaphors
of people, wandering in the taiga,
about, base, camp or camp,
and death is walking nearby.

Aleko, god, Aleko,
you just get out alive.
Advance, twentieth century,
praise to the field seasons.

Chapter 17

I'm sorry excitement and bitterness
in my words, forgive me,
I am not a party to your gatherings,
and, as always, day by day

I will feel different
agitation, bitterness, but not that.
Possessing me
winter in the Tauride Garden

kicks the snow and sees leaves,
four times a year,
four times for life,
but you just die on the fly

in some fifth dimension,
the snow will melt, not flying,
in some strange amazement
fields shut up, deserted,

street sounds will subside,
There will be a pause, and I
I keep on the stairs from boredom:
forgive me, my love.

Chapter 18

Cracked stove, hero fingers
lay on the window again,
Wallpaper "Northern Alps",
great-grandmother portrait on the wall,

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