Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

Chapter 10

Not so pleasant change,
As our efforts with them,
friends around the knees
And there is a moment

short smell evil sense
your everyday worries,
spinning and arrows are not fast,
and during an abortion

agape, lyubovyam
to ourselves, firmly: terpene,
cry Now, as long as the pain,
then somebody love.

Yes. Changes still flour,
but the whole reward for his labors,
when under the heart of St. Petersburg
They grow fruit such,

as our collected life,
and in this abandoned house
all fading thoughts
self closer to.

part II. Seasons

Chapter 11

Claps September parade,
wet glow lamps.
Look: autumn loss
gifts of autumn harder,

And the light streaming through the lanes,
and the finger of a kindred spirit
all wrote pieces in the air,
poluodevshie raincoats,

hanging over the crumpled lawn
in scraps of morning newspapers
entire life, no more season,
rain and noise you back:

not sleep worth, not worth the boredom,
dropwise light and heat
caught, catch into the empty hand
and a day to do the works,

from unfamiliar gate,
pressed to zinc pipe,
look at wet Baroque
and then think of yourself.

Chapter 12

on all, at all is haste,
tarahtyaschih on shoes,
to the incredulous smiles,
on poluiskrennih verses.

Alas, to sincere. The tears
increasingly seem nice
love and anger hasty
irreparable gifts.

So all praise to you, haste,
courts, do not ask, losing,
When you feel the relevance
opinionated love,

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Joseph Brodsky
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