Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

Chapter 4

I'd like to check out, I am leaving,
Again, we are talking bad,
again fall bothering yourself
before the Czech name of your,

bless the enormous train,
great vestibule window,
in which, got out of the belt,
shouting snack-wine,

about, whose smile on his knees
stand in the heated compartment,
and bitter roar removal
again, imagining the fate.

Lyudmila, Oh my God, how odd,
that eternal field sometimes,
from St. Petersburg novel
already unhappy hero,

lover abandoned, careless,
but the former, Jesus, the type,
I was crying somewhere in the Razyezzhaya,
and next Ligovka noise.

Chapter 5

Foundry Bridge Declination,
repair of trolley tracks,
whirling embankments carotid,
as the tendency of religious people

says one and the same phrase,
Whether this is the night the noise of the Neva,
persecuted floes on Easter
between Maloohtenskoy grass,

when, leaning over the fence,
He looks into her skinny April,
shiny water, and always close
floating dead Mazereel,

and, as always in the twentieth century,
sounds distant shooting,
and where a person catches
his mad fate,

there, the river among the trees,
all splashes memory of granite,
Neva noise and turned the ice floes
and tyazhko people iciness.

Chapter 6

E. AT.

goodbye, Vasilevsky tidy,
lights midnight carcasses,
Goni trolley back
and new boys Scarecrow,

dohnuv in convincing youth
water, abundance of hospitals,
mad correctness streets,
crazy stone faces.

goodbye, it is not necessary to return,
Finding one in marriage –
forever on the island to stay
among plants and cinema.

And the guests waving jackets
after midnight at the door,
easily we become strangers,
between the lines losing friends.

Bridges for raising me,
the crowd phallic pillars
goodbye, I love my dumb,
my friend - love.

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Joseph Brodsky
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