Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

And the pain in my soul. Here are two centuries.
And the street lights. And chest pain.
And you live alone in the world,
and only the city is ahead.

Chapter 30

Look, look, noon comes,
whose light is warmer, whose light is serey
Total, what you don't understand again
in his noisy homeland.

Chapter last, will you get up,
for the last time in my face
replacing fatigue, put life,
as if to rhyme, at the end.

And the century laughs in your face
and runs into the distance through the crackle of ideas.
Look, one thing remains –
cling to people again,

for their love, for light and meanness,
for light and pain, for a long cry,
bye bye from the dead, as a challenge,
words fly - for them, for them.

I walk through the eternal city,
at home they say: River, hold on,
foliage rustles, in a huge choir
I am telling you: all life.

first half 1961, Leningrad

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Joseph Brodsky
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