Petersburg novel (poem in three parts)

Before it ends, water and logs,
facades cracked before him,
it accelerates the pace is uneven,
nothing seemed not persecuted.

Chapter 27

Ghonim. spans Passage,
whistles, cries of crows,
thick strokes facades,
crowd phallic columns.

Ghonim. You move in a fright
the Neva. I say again:
I see again in St. Petersburg
eternal your figure.

Ghonim centuries of persecution,
Death from everywhere in two steps,
Now say hello, Evgeny,
with you on these shores.

River Street and breathed
love shabby house,
in the daily volume of literature
guesswork eternal mind.

Ghonim, but still not expelled,
one - through tarahtyaschy century
along the gutters and eaves
livestock and people.

Chapter 28

Winter holoden Elagin.
Blades narrow clouds
hang, like bent flags,
versed in tsinkovыh mostkov,

dead skier and a cliff
slides unlived life,
and white horse runs to the bay,
vminaya snow, who breathes down,

whose fingers are bent in a pocket,
heat, and thanks for,
so who is he, hero of the novel
in the cold of thick cloth coat,

he looks down, any holiday
in his mind buzzing, humming,
not dead skier - rider dead
at his feet now lies.

He has nothing to do with, here the dead rider,
whitened horse race
and clouds. K versed merzlыm
all sticky snow, all sticky snow.

Chapter 29

Channel foggy Griboyedoff,
through two hundred years of rustling water,
a bit of the world moving,
I come here all over again.

With all the ever szhiveshsya
among resentful Harith,
the fence happily prizhmesh,
and evening water illuminate.

Channel your doused shoes
and somewhere near the Neva
plesnet water greenish, –
my God, Surely it is you.

And this is you. In the old canal
You swim for so many years already,
ropes banging and splashing channels
and street light in your heart.

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Joseph Brodsky
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