Gorbunov and Gorchakov

I. Gorbunov and Gorchakov

"Well, what dream did you have, Gorbunov?»
"Yes, actually, Lisicki ». "Again?"" Again ".
"Ha-ha, you making me laugh, there are no words ".
“And I do not see anything funny.
The doctor says: the basis of all bases –
normal sleep”. “Nothing bad
I did not want… even dream of, not new”.
"What is to be done about, if there is no other?»
“we, Leningrad, We see so many dreams,
And you did this, mushroom,

no way out”. “Tell me, Gorchakov,
and what you, of Leningrad, often dream?”
“But how when… Concerts, wood bows.
prospectuses, lanes. Just face.
(Dreams are made as of the scraps.)
Neva, bridges. And sometimes - Page,
and I did read without glasses!
(Their seeds before sleeping sister.)”
"Yes, the dream of my stronger pupils!»
"What are you? Often dream and the hospital ".

“You do not need life. Know yourself, see.
Here is a dream! And really do not need a day.
Such sleep interferes with the light of dawn.
And How, should be, you're angry, awakened by…
A curse, Mickiewicz! No ori!..
keep couples, I'd slept through dinner”.
“Sometimes I also dream of bullfinches.
Sometimes a child jumping in puddles.
And it's - I…” “Well you, speaks.
Why are you silent?” “I, it seems, a cold.

You why all this?” "Just".
“here you go, I say, I dream of childhood.
We boys climb into the attic.
And the dream of old age. Can not escape
of old age… What a mess:
old man, urchin…” "Sad neighborhood".
“Well, Gorbunov, what are you simpleton!
These dreams after all just a means
spend the night more interesting”. "How?!»
"That day at night porastryasti legacy".

“You say "legacy"? Do tell!
Please let, I turn to you with a question:
But what about old age? Old age is not visible.
When did this you were gray-haired?”
“Why wheezing Babanov window?
Why Mickiewicz turns under the nose?
What are we given fantasy?
And Imagination, as the pump,
I retractor old age in the realm of sleep”.

“But, Gorchakov, then just, not you,
not you yourself dreamed”. “idols
like you are just waiting for Crosses,
and there is no release of the glasses!
And who am I to dream? Why are you keeping silent? The bushes?”
"Gore-kevich. Best case scenario, Gore-bani ".
"You are crazy, Gorbunov!» “your features,
them - gray; such self-deception
full and waking up to a nausea”.
"Go into your pajamas without pockets".

"Yes, I do so in my pajamas without pants".
"Sometimes I dream stove, firebrands…»
“Yes, Gorchakov, this is a dream because a dream!
prospectuses, conversations. Just things.
Piano, singing in unison violin.
And the women. AND, can, that pohlesche”.
"Yesterday I had a table for six".
“And your dreams - they are things?
Or simply all racing wheel?”
"What can I say; they - things, they - sinister ».

"Freud says, that everyone - a prisoner of dreams ".
“I was told: each - addict.
There is nothing you confused, Gorbunov?”
"Well no, I even remember the kind of page ».
"But Freud did not lie?» “Well, Do a little liars…
But here, let's say, I want to strawberries…”
"That same, in trousers?» “And without pants.
A dream, that you pecking titmouse.
Dreams frank all talkers”.
"But what, Gorbunov, yours Lisichki?»

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