imitation of Horace

Flights by oxen waves, nautilus.
Your sail like a mauled a ruble.
From the hold came the screech of republics.
creaking boards.

Bursting at the seams trim on the edges.
Kormschik talking about predatory fish.
Food, even the most courageous
falls mouth.

Alloy, nautilus, Do not be afraid of the storm.
Neistovey, but Aimless Bullet,
she did not know, whether in the
toward her

throw oneself, or this. Or
in the third. They are generally four.
You are in this sense almost flat;
owner - Giperborey.

Alloy, nautilus! Do not be afraid of sharp
the rocks. So open up the island,
where after turn white crosses sailors,
Where, a century later,

writing, tied with ribbon,
you sell, amazing methylene blue
sight, begotten with native
affectionate child.

Do not believe, boyfriend, cynosure,
similar to the general officer Congress.
You attachment to idle depths
rather harmful.

Believe only truly permanent
waves of democracy eennoy
on the lips of disputes arising in the foam
and a sense of the bottom.

Some float away to swallow the insult.
Others - to spite Euclid.
Third - just get lost from sight.
They are on the way.

Notes, nautilus, whose kormschik Borya,
do not differ from the burning horizon.
Fly over the waves become part of the sea,
fly, fly.

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Joseph Brodsky
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