Singing without music

F. W.

When you think of me
at the edge of a strange - though this phrase
just fiction, but not
prophecy, as for the eyes,

armed tear,
out of the question: dates
fishing line of a whirlpool
will not pull out - so, when you

far away and
seas, in the form of an epilogue
(although repeat, that tear,
except for the former,

all decreases) about me
vspomyanesh still in the Summer
Lord and sigh - not on
sigh! - overlooking it

the amount of the seas, fields,
scattered among us, you do not
notice, that the crowd of zeros
He topped itself.
The pride

Your il in my blindness
the whole thing, or in the, that early
talk about it, but her-
the same God, me this strange,

what, I am hopelessly in debt,
as the shielded so bad
you from the worst ills, I can
get rid of breath.

The future is a form of darkness,
comparable to a peaceful nights.
In the future,, Do we have to
We know nothing, about any,

in extremes, say one thing
now I am able to accurately:
that apart we are destined
you dwell in it, and that, what

it has come - roar
blizzard, The transformation cry
in the words of the blind tolkovische
is the first of its evidence –

in the future there is something, thing,
able to comfort or
- so something my voice vesch! –
It takes imagination in style

Scheherazade's stories, with it
only difference, it is more
posthumous, than a very simple
the fear of death in it - let the

now, the language native
aspens, you comfort; and that
let the shadow on the snow from them
crowd as a triumph of Euclid.


When you think of me,
of the day, months, Lord Summers
such and such, in a foreign country,
to distant lands - and this

says about twenty-eight
possibilities - a drop of water and
Armed with pupil, take
pen and a blank sheet of paper

and the perpendicular upright
will raise, skies like support,
between our two you
- Yes, points: because we are at that time

reduced and there, God knows,
invisible to each other,
almost even with you for the honor
a reputation points; so, parting

has a direct holding,
and the thirsty pair meeting
lovers - your opinion and my –
perpendicular to the top

rise, not finding
asylum, pomimo Gorne
heights, to ache in his temples;
and is not that triangle?

Consider also the figure,
which in another time
made to us in a sweat
cold wake, the floor-

crazy climb under the tap, in order
mind is not anger burned;
and if by this fate
relieved we were both –

jealousy, will, comets,
of omens, porch, drugs
- that, apparently, only for
drawing his likeness.

Consider also. Throughout his life,
as overcrowding, nezryachest
hugs - she pledge
invisibility apart - hiding

each other, We were hiding from
space, putting abroad
him their blades, - here
it pays handsomely

treachery; take a pen
and blank paper - symbol
space - and, presented on-
serving - and we are able to

imagine all the space: our
the world is still limited authority
Creator: Do not let the presence of the guard
zaoblachnыh, so someone's passion

sky-high - imagine the same
the proportion of direct, lying
between us - the entire sheet
and, podsteliv card for the greater

details, smash drawing
to degrees, and into the net vtisni
its length - and you will find
dependence on the love of life.

so, let the length of the lines
known to us, and we know,
that it - like the appearance of the couple,
within those, or rather, where the city

Goodbye deprived of it,
and if Sia rating
correct (she, Alas, correct),
perpendicular to the Quarter, from the center

vosstavlenny, a sum so
piercing two views; and
Based on this their strength
It is its top

within the stratosphere - unlikely
Whether the amount of our views enough
for more; and every glance,
to the top of the call, - leg.

Since the two beams of searchlights,
exploring a hostile chaos,
find their purpose in the night,
for cloud crossing;

but their purpose - not target soldiers:
it is for them - the service itself,
like a mirror, which look
not daring each other

glance; so, whomsoever, but
to me, cathetus, invisible, it,
to prove to you quite
everyday theorem

reverse, Where, Mucha eye
an abundance of proven scarecrows,
Life requires us to find
then, than have a: angle.

Here, that we have been given to you.
permanently. Forever and ever. And even
albeit in impalpable, but
in the matter. Almost in the landscape.

Here is the place of our meeting. Grotto
empyrean. Gazebo in the clouds.
shelter friendly. kind
angle; besides, one of the best

if only the, that we
none can zastignet. it
only our heritage Eye,
the top of the property subject to.

Over the years, because there is no place to –
till death do us meet Bole,
we obzhivaya nest,
pulling back an equal contribution

Thought treasure single, trash
unspoken words - everything, what
we saved in their corners;
and sooner or later point

specified acquire
almost material shape,
dignity and the stars
light interior, that cloud

not stagnation - for himself Euclid
when the sum of two angles and gloom
around another promise;
and it is like a form of marriage.

Here, that we have been given to you.
permanently. Forever and ever. to the grave.
Invisible to each other. But
there are both foreseeable

so we in the night and the day,
from the West and to the East,
what we, eventually, start
from this hinge eye

watchful. How to reality
tymu imposed on us arrest,
Take it now and paste
in its new horoscope, meanwhile

all-seeing eye of words
It did not disassemble. Parting
is the sum of our three angles,
and the consequent flour

is a form of gravity of their
to each other; and it is much
stronger than other similar forms.
certainly, that strong earth.


scholasticism, you'll say. Yes,
scholasticism, and hide and seek with grief
devoid of shame will
game. But the star of the sea –

that is, she does not (please let
so utter, so high in this
uzrila not you calm) corn,
grated in the space light?

scholasticism. Nearly. God knows.
maybe. Will provide the answer
agreement. But that is not
scholasticism in this world?

God knows. Sleepy,
I see through the window demise
winter; and do not find the spring:
night wants to keep the cause of

from investigation. In my mind
some squares, dates,
yours or mine to temple
pressed his hand…
When you

once you remember me,
shrouded in darkness, remember,
hanging up, outside,
there somewhere, over Skagerrakom,

in the company of other planets,
flickering weakly, dimly,
star, which, generally, not.
But that is the art of

love, rather, life - including,
to see, which is not in the nature of,
and see through the empty place
hidden treasures, monsters - like

winged lions zhenogrudyh,
gods incredible power,
broadcasting the fate of the eagles.
think also, much easier

creation of similar cases,
weaving their shell
and other painstaking Affairs –
Earliest check-in point of space!

Tkni finger into the darkness. fiancee
where. Where will indicate nail.
Not that the essence of life, that it has,
but in the belief, that it should be.

Tkni finger into the darkness - there,
where as the high notes
It would have to be a star;
and, if it does not, lengthiness,

hackneyed comparisons gloss
simple: belated Kochetov,
humiliated separation brain
rise involuntarily wants.


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