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Suzanne Martin

The bees did not fly away, rider does not ride off. In the coffee shop
"Yanikulum" Caudle new talks on the former hair dryer.
Taya in a glass, Ice allows twice
enter into the same water, not to quench your thirst.

Eight years swept. flashed, faded
войны, rushylys family, newspapers flashed hari,
falling airplanes, and speaker sighed "oh my God".
Linen can be washed more, but not smooth skin

even ardent palm. Sun over winter Rome
fighting hand to hand with bluish smoke;
smells burnt sheet, and shine fountain, how to order,
issued for taking a shot gun at noon.

Veschy zatverdevayut, so they do not move in memory
seating; but more difficult to occur in the future, than perish
it, leaving the city, passing into years
in the pursuit of pure time, without happiness and terracotta.

Life without us, expensive, conceivable - and why
there are landscapes, have, hills, kuchevoe
cloud into the clear sky over the field that battle,
where the statues get cool, Build celebrating victory.

18 January 1989

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