In memory of Professor Braude

People rarely rare professions, but die,
equating their work with other. Earth royut
people of other professions, and relatives tomorrow
look, the nature, has lost ichthyosaur.

March - black and white a month, and view in March
adapts easily to the image of death;
snow, crush wheels, and raises the gate
wandering for a photograph, riding through the city.

A voice from the phone after midnight instead of the phrase
It transmits the wire tears as necklace;
it is - a mute piano, and push down on the lever,
for there is no shortcut for these notes.

Translating the needle with sobs of Dying,
ticking on the wall of the top "to" Goodbye,
opustevshey in apartment, its silence on Envy,
spinning in the dark with the eternal silence entry.

17 Martha 1970

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Joseph Brodsky
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