Excerpt (1964 r)

Sad man jokes his own way

I'm not a philosopher. No, I will not lie.
I am an old man, not a philosopher,
although I can not dismiss
some rabid issues.
I am a sad man, I'm joking
in their own way, otchasty upodobyas
castle. A key to imitate
prevents baldness and conscience.
Let those whistleblowers, whats up
unable to keep from yawning,
Statement by the parrot zavedut,
and they strain it will be jokes.
That's the same, how to walk naked,
like this - and it, you know, without laughter –
There is something primitive in a large
gladness of his own echo.
seriousness, Unfortunately, not a plus.
but the, I contemptuously otplyunus,
I only prove, that do not aspire to
back, in a thoughtful youth.
so the spectacle, pleasing to the eye,
shoe enters into vile muck.
Though favor of dialectics just
the convenience, I see flashbacks.

I am not fit any children, nor fathers.
I have no relatives, brother.
To connect the beginning and end
employment rather for acrobat.
I'm somewhere in between or outside.
However, I try, joke,
in fact, standing on the sidelines,
insist, that "there, I'm in the gap "…


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Joseph Brodsky
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