excerpt (1964 – 1965 g)

Naso to death is not ready.
because gloomy.
From Sarmatian cold
mind in disarray.
Rome you closer, star.
Nearer Rome death.
Advantage: there
You can see.

Naso to death is not ready.
Nearer (through Pont,
deserted from ships)
Rome - Horizon.
Nearer Rome - Orion
between clouds betrays.
Rome call him? And he?
Does he argue.

Similarly, a candle in darkness
far seen.
Not ready? And who to him
nearer, than she?
Rome calling her? Be in love?
Occasionally appeal?
Because in death be,
Rome will not happen.

Nazo, Rome did not disturb.
I do not remember myself
those, who your sending you letters.
Can, dead.
habitually. clarified
(here is not to offense)
address. Rome you cross out
and put: aid.

1964 – 1965

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Joseph Brodsky
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