Where did we come winter

Where did we come winter,
you do not know, nobody knows.

all paused. She herself
cold lips not decompresses.
she is silent. Suddenly, suddenly
perseverance you will not break it.
That's because something every sound
in winter you are so eagerly catch.

wind rustle of trunks,
rustling roofs under the clouds,
later, how rotten floors,
snow crunching under boots,
and then the creak and rattle of spades,
and the dim smoke, and the hum of dawn…
But even quiet snowfall,
where is he from, does not respond.

And you, entering a warm house,
running up to him, pray tell,
You did not think once about,
that somewhere here, she hid herself:
in the span of the ladder, in the wall,
between bricks, beneath warehouse,
maybe, in a river, at the bottom,
where you can not get into eyes.

May be, there, in the night yards,
in attics and dusty chandeliers,
in the boarded up door,
in a wet basement, our feelings,
in the closets, Downloaded where hlam…
but it is clear, there she was closely,
she grew up in every corner
all captivated.

must be, it's just nonsense,
clusters of thoughts and words of obscure,
she came, must be, from the mountains,
It came down to us from the tops of the beautiful:
there is the eternal ice, there is always snow,
there is the eternal wind rocks Eating,
there is not a man rises,
himself an eagle can not fly.

must be, So. Does not it matter,
when you have to lift the gate,
but not this one:
in the span of the shadow and the eternal cold?
Between them is the union and communication
and similarities - though quite silent.
Let us go down together, join,
it is very easy to become a winter.

affairs, not knowing the relationship,
and clouds in the blue heaven,
all objects and substances
and feelings, different in strength,
element of heat and water,
fascinated by the inside play of,
give fruits in due course,
sometimes quite unexpected.

Ice is stronger than fire,
winter - sometimes longer than the summer,
It is longer than the night of the day
and darkness was doubly strong light;
garden is enormous, taste,
but the fruit is not snimesh…
So beware of cold feelings,
not that, look, zastynesh.

And all the people, and all the houses,
where there is heat until,
utter: Winter has come.
But do not understand how.

November 1962

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