Postcard with toast

n. AND.

Bitter desire - indeed!
roll in the Vologda Oblast,
Where are you on the collective farm
It staggers the right to search.
Increasingly nights, since morning
in the darkness, under the star above the road.
around the elderly, kids,
staring with the Russian concern.

For bread lawyer - land
to distant Empty: authorities
and - in general - honesty hops
strong and sustained passion.
the judge, easy living,
but warrant sticking out of his pocket.
After the longest pravezh
short love and romance.

From barn to barn, - over the threshold.
All huts, the holes are empty
under the lace of rural roads.
The driver is dedicated to witnesses.
In a closed truth in captivity,
is not confined to the vastness of the eye,
caressing his native country
tires, new gas.

must be, when looking ahead,
markedly over Tver, over the river:
other people grows
in the service of poverty long.
Rather indifferent to him,
The faster and more agile in the,
feed privately fate
cruelty to total freedom.

…Behind the fence in a field, for home,
for a new Russian clarity,
Wandering in the empty,
for long her innocence.
We - a monument to her, names
its history - means:
of the era, in which it
as a monument of us loomed.

So here: though I have forgotten,
as usual: hips and shoulders,
though passion (but not less than, than fervor)
long speech for the defense,
Well but from memory there, –
though the address is not put,
but still reach my bow,
where I will direct it either.

For Russian precision, at the bottom
COME Years, must be.
Rather, One of the bird,
that now plunges us claw.
For what… remnants of the nest…
with all its rigorous clarity…
burn for it like a star…
Yes, Yes, as a star over the road.

1969 – 1970

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Joseph Brodsky
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