Postcard from Lisbon

monuments events, never to have been made:

Failed bloody wars.
phrases, swallowed up in the moment of arrest.
A cross between a naked body with coniferous
wood, gave San Sebastian.
airman, soar to the clouds
by winged piano.
Creator engine with fuel
Waste memories. wives
seafarers - on dish
with single eggs. naked
Nezavisimostyam. comet,
flown past Earth (in pursuit of
of infinity, someone signs
correspond to these landscapes, but not
fully). Provisional Soichi
in borode prisoner Ideas authorities
and vegetation. discovery
Infarktiki - unknown part
of light. Vetrenomu kubistu
roofs, who heard the soprano
telegraph lines. suicide
by unrequited love Tirana.
Earthquakes - emphasizes contemporary, –
people met up with enthusiasm.
hand, I never squeeze money,
even more so - the reproductive organ.
The amount of green leaves, can
advance flout their difference.
Fortunately. Snam, impose waking
due to the population of its incoherence.


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Joseph Brodsky
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