Stop in the desert

Now so few Greeks in Leningrad,
that we broke the Greek Church,
in order to build the free space
concert hall. In this architecture,
there is something hopeless. But by the way,
a concert hall with a thousand-odd places
not so hopeless: it - Temple,
and the temple of art. Who is to blame,
that vocal prowess gives
large gathering, than the banners of faith?
It's a pity only, now afar
we will not see normal dome,
and ugly flat line.
But to the disgrace of proportions,
A man does not depend on them,
and more often from the ugliness of proportions.

well I remember, as it is broken.
It was spring, and I'm just as
I went to one Tatar family,
which lived nearby. Watched
out the window and saw the Greek Church.
It all started with Tatar conversations;
and then intervened in the conversation sounds,
merges with the first speech,
but soon - to muffle her.
In the church garden drove excavator
with the boom hanging iron weights.
The walls began to give in quietly.
Funny not to succumb, if you are
wall, and before thee - the destroyer.

In addition, the excavator could be considered
her inanimate object
and, to a certain degree, like
himself. In the inanimate world
It is not customary to give each other putting.
Then - driven to dump,
bulldozers… And somehow, at a late hour
I sat on the ruins of the apse.
The failures of the altar gaping night.
And I - through these holes in the altar –
I looked at runaway trams,
on a string of dim lights.
And that, which do not meet in the church,
Now I've seen through the prism of the church.

Someday, when we will not,
to be exact - after us, in our place
there is also something like that,
what any, who knew us, užasnetsâ.
But who knew we would not be too much.
Like this, the old memory, dogs
in the same place bully paw.
Fence torn down a long time ago,
but their, must be, grezitsya fence.
Their dreams negate reality.
Maybe, land keeps the smell:
asphalt does not overpower the smell of skunk.
And they that ugly house!
For them, there garden, tell you - the garden.
And that, obviously for people,
dog does not care.
That is the name: "Dog loyalty".
And if I had a chance to speak
seriously about the relay generations,
believe that only the baton.
Rather, in those, who smells.

So little now in Leningrad Greeks,
and in general - is Greece - they are few.
At least, little for,
to save structures of faith.
And believe, that we build,
from them no one demands. one,
must be, nation deal to baptize,
a cross to bear - is quite another.
Their only obligation was.
They have not been able to fulfill its.
Untilled field overgrown.
“You, sower, Keep your plow,
and we will decide, when we ear”.
They have not kept their plow.

Today, I look out the window at night
and I think about, where we went?
And from what we no longer far:
Orthodoxy and Hellenism?
What we are close? What's that, ahead?
Do we no longer waiting for a different era?
And if so, then what is our common duty?
And that we should bring her in sacrifice?

first half 1966

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Joseph Brodsky
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