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As the trolley swing
Right and left,
As the reel of film sunrise
unwinds slowly,
As suburban trams
It arises from the trees
In horizontal landscape
Suburbs and the Gulf, - I've seen it all,
I to this hour
I see it all:
Their movements are the same,
Stop them, exactly the same,
below the water
and dusty
herbs higher,
ABOUT, how they roll
In little sleep
The small light nature,
From the short term
increasing, arising,
ornate motorway
With trucks,
with trucks,
with trucks.
you swim, my tram,
you ship, ship fragile,
Passengers your images-Obobshonnye am
In the current song
Public relations.
you swim. you rock the
flashlights oppression
In the endless morning
And the short life,
To the illumined patriatsinskimi
Real smile human automatism.
Import them, small,
Their unjust and fair.
Let the paint will remain
only brown
Yes blue.
Get off the tram
And run to the Gulf,
escape to the Gulf,
In horizontal landscape
falling, drowning.

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