She puts on stockings, and autumn comes…

She puts on stockings, and autumn comes;
solid nylon rain around.
And the more the asphalt beside himself with pockmarks,
the skirt long and pointed heel.
Now only two columns to turn white in underwear
awkward. And naked portico overgrown. With any
points of view, less than one LORD
Summer, especially - in it with you.
Now if you hear a rustling, then - the sound of care
troops not care where, banners yap.
But, it is seen, joints of keys, that the waiting E flat,
distinguish themselves unable to, popping into cartilage.
And the window of noise bursts air from the sea
- out, where there is nothing at all.

17 September 1993

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Joseph Brodsky
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  1. Helen

    Brodsky appeared in my dream and said the following: "I writhe on San Michele…»
    1) A line in the poem is missing: “And it's better to call out the name of the season, if you can't keep warm "

    2) there is an error in the line: NOT "cracking" in the cartilage, and "CRUSH"!

    3) there is an error in the last line: NOT "in the window", and "IN THE ROOM".

    According to the publication "Poems and Poems" Volume 2, Vita Nova Publishing House, Saint Petersburg 2011