He knew, that the pain in his shoulder…

He knew, that the pain in his shoulder
her kill in the evening, and enter
on the stove, where brick
ostyvshem perched, without

Movements of looking out of the corner
the window, as a ray of sunset
I touched the snow hill
and softwood sawmill clouds.

But the pain intensified. Chest
Kololi. he imagined,
that pain is able to deceive,
Honor, it seems, not strong enough

it move. not so
terrified, much surprised,
He raised his head; pain
always taught to live, and he,

who believed: if full
that suffered - will carry to continue,
I could not imagine, she
He was forced to die.

But the pain is not enough for the day.
The credulity, whose fruits
now he reaped, blame
myself, He scooped up water

and stared at the jacket mouth.
But it was a sharp needle,
that even in the light of the fact
- he felt - could tear.

He remembered the August day,
as a baste high stack
in one of the nearby villages,
and I tried to, But could not

utter aloud the name of:
it would just cry. a
someone shouting, that light is extinguished,
that raised shock

Now crumble, although
he died. pain only, himself
ports not Nachod,
tossing the empty hut.

1964 – 1965

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Joseph Brodsky
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