House detached hinders dirt,
growing in the space of a lonely,
with whom he maintains contact
via smoke and through windows.
Looking cabinets squishing garden,
fear mentally narrow leaf.
Three lamps hang wary.
But glass does not express.
Though, may be, and this substance
capable of empathy for the subjects,
they are not a mirror of,
that fancies cabinets and stools.
It was only with the onset of darkness
they are in some way inform
armada advancing water,
that the rooms do not stop the fight;
that it causes no triumph,
though all the steps taken pools;
here, in the house, light still shines,
although dark, quite dark outside…
- but not if, when Silent, old man,
In his dream he sees the light at the nonconducting
the surrounding world, which at this moment
swims in his eyelids.


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Joseph Brodsky
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