Once in the courtyard on Moss…

Once in the courtyard on Moss
I stood, squeezing disheveled bunch,
tapered floors above his head,
and the house, as increased fence,
I took surrounded (at the same time –
fortifications necessary Boxes
and freshly painted table, but
yearning for thunder knuckles).

It was August, month swallows and roofs,
inspiring vision in corridors,
of the panes looked out bulrush,
for glass blushed tomatoes.
And tonight, Do not look down,
Transparent fiber shone
and exalted rusty curtain rod,
dusk, and swung open the window.
It was evening, and the front door has
as the bed darkened swollen.
And then I saw: on the third floor
loomed plastic doll.
She was, Alas, disaggregated,
bezzhiznenna, and (cry, antibiotic)
limb hanging out of the window,
and twilight welcomed tummy.

Kid, mad, like a lion,
her legs povydergivat of loins.
but the glue, so to speak, not pity,
her father stuck together and hung
dry, lead to poor thing
in order. And spank bully.
And he did not expect to shake
Gawker loitering in twilight.
on modest. sailed the oceans
in one (yes it hath been heard?) place
(cry, Amundsen from Papaninym), revealing
two poles with corruption.
It is worth staying on the ice
and the most courageous basket
missiles airships - in mind
uncorked banks casein!


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Joseph Brodsky
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