When it loses its balance
Your mind is tired,
When the steps of this staircase
Leave from under your feet,
the deck,
When he spits on humanity
Your loneliness at night, —

You can
Meditate on eternity
And doubt the purity
ideas, hypotheses, perceptions
Works of art,
And - by the way - very conception
Madonna of the Son of Jesus.

But it is better to worship the givens
With her deep graves,
which then,
the statute of limitations,
They seem so sweet.

Yes. Better worship the given
With her short roads,
which then
seem to you
seem large,
Littered with compromises,
Will seem like big wings,
Will seem like big birds.

Yes. Better worship the given
With her wretched yardsticks,
which then,
on the extreme,
Will serve as a railing for you,
(Although not very clean),
Keeping in balance
Your lame truth
On this chipped staircase.


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Joseph Brodsky
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  1. Anonymous

    to the extreme, and not "at the extreme" ?

  2. Anonymous

    on the extreme – at least , in a pinch . That's right .

  3. Sergei

    But because he did not worship the one datum, truth? Otherwise I would not read it all over the world.

  4. Alessandra

    The Italian translation has many errors; The Italian text is almost completely incomprehensible.

    1. Osya

      Alexandra, get used. It always writes Brodsky.

  5. Anatoly A.

    Samouverennыy fool – this Anonymous!