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Oh, if the birds were singing and the clouds fly by,
and the eye could distinguish, turns blue,
ringing trill pursuing, door with keys
and those, no one else anywhere, for her.

And so - I have a room, seat, chairs.
And everywhere on the walls in the frame, the so - flowers.
And if happens in the world without a bee hive
with excess pollen on the legs, it's you.

Oh, if things clear in a thick blue
They know how their invisibility to keep in check
and a crowd once clot - a star, Whether in a tear –
at the other end of the stratosphere, then - everywhere.

But, apparently, air - only raw materials for lace,
crucified on the hoop in the park, where grazing king.
And statues get cool, although in the yard - besstuzhev,
then executed Decembrist, and come in January.


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