Well, how you in the Georgian palestinah?..

Well, how you in the Georgian palestinah?
Sadness Is an abandoned aspen?
Do you miss for our forests,
when you interested in Libra,
shining over the sea in October?
And there is the sea? Is it spacious well,
in rhymes admirer of Hawthorne?
And if deeper, than the puddles in the yard?

Well there? Even thought of the fatherland?
After end of the earth is not yet extreme life?
Sam mainland supports the, what
unable to make the North-mail.
And this relationship is hard to know for,
as long as you can still on the envelope
put the "Leningrad" instead of death.
AND, may be, other cities.

I think a mile, circulate razinuv.
Alas, is not enough in Georgia Georgians,
to put straight between us.
It is much better to use the days
and rail oblivion.
it would be able to be confused with forgetting,
Arrival - Stay far away from
and with his own nothingness.


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Joseph Brodsky
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