New Jules Verne

L. and n. Lifshits


Impeccable skyline, without blemish.
Corvette cuts the wave profile Franz List.
creaking ropes. naked ape
with a cry comes out of the cab of a naturalist.

Near swimming dolphins. Once someone said,
Only the bottle in a bar tolerate pitching.
Wind carries towards the end of the joke,
Captain rushes with fists on the mast.

Sometimes from the wardroom heard chords latest gizmos Brahms.
Navigator plays a compass, zadumavshys of direct
course line. And in the space telescope
ahead quickly mixed with the rest of the feed.


The passenger is different from a sailor
the rustle of silk underwear,
terms of food and shelter,
repetition of a meaningless question.

The sailor is different from Lieutenant
lack of epaulettes,
number of bands,
nerves, twisted rope on manners.

Lieutenant different from the captain
stripes, expression eye,
a photograph or Francoise Blanche,
Reading "Critique of Pure Reason", Maupassant and "Capital".

The captain is different from the Admiralty
lonely thoughts about themselves,
aversion to blue,
Memories of long weekend, held in test names.

Only the ship does not differ from the ship.
Swaying on the waves, ship
at the same time it looks like a tree and the crane,
from under the feet of the land which went.


The conversation in the mess

"Sure, Archduke monster! but how to deal
- it is impossible not to recognize him some merit ... "
"Slaves discuss the masters. Lord discussing slavery.
Some kind of a vicious circle!" "Not, Lifebuoy!»

"Delightful sherry!"" I'm up all night unable to sleep.
This is a terrible sun: I burned myself shoulders ".
"... and if a leak opened? I read, that there are leaks.
Imagine, that opened to flow, and we started to sink!

Have you ever sink, lieutenant?"" Never. But the shark bite me ".
"Yes? But the curious ..., imagine, that - flow ... And imagine
Me ... "
"Well, can, it will make up the deck lady in 12-B ".
"Who is she?"" This is the daughter of the Governor-General, plыvuschaya in Curacao ".


Discussions on the deck

"I, Professor, too, in his youth he dreamed
discover some island, zverushku or bacillus ".
"And what do you prevent?"" Science beyond me.
And then - titi-myths ". "Sorry?"" Uh ... filthy lucre ".

"Person, it is who?! He is - in general - the mosquito!»
"And tell me, monsieur, in Russia you have, chtó - also have rubber?»
"Waldemar, stop! you bite, Waldemar!
Do not forget, I ... "" I'm sorry, cousin".

"hear, Cyrus the?"" What?"" What is there in the distance?»
"Where?"" Yes starboard ". "I do not see". "There". 'Brother, this…
It seems to be a whale. Wrap is not there?"" Nah, one newspaper ...
But it increases! Look!... It's taken away ... "


The sea is much more diverse land.
interesting, than anything.
from the inside, as well as outside. A fish
interesting pears.

On the ground, there are four walls and a roof.
We are afraid of a wolf or a bear.
bear, However, less and call him "Misha".
And if you have enough imagination - "Fyodor".

Nothing like this happens in the sea.
China in its original, the wild
the form does not touch the name of Bori.
It is better to call him Dick.

The sea is full of surprises, some unpleasant.
Many of them do not look for reasons;
no blame on the Moon, listing spots,
any ill will women or men.

The blood of the inhabitants of the sea colder, than we; their terrible
kind of chills our blood even in the fish shop.
If Darwin to dive, we would not know the "law of the jungle"
or - to have that in it the amendments.


"Captain, in these places has sunk "Black Prince"
under mysterious circumstances ". "The navigator Benz!
step into my cabin and have a good sleep it off ".
"In these places, it sank as Russian" Hero ",".
"The navigator Benz! you think, what am I
just kidding?"" In mysterious circum ... "

Strictly coming corvette.
For kormoyu - Europe, Asia, Africa, Old and New World.
Each sail looks in profile, as a question mark.
And the space stores the answer.


"Irina!" "I'm listening to". "Take a look here, Irina".
"I slept well". "Does not matter. Look, it's there?"" To where?»
"The porthole". "It's ... it, to my mind, submarine ".
"But it meanders!"" Well, what of it? In water
all winds ". "Irina!"" Where are you taking me?! I am undressed!»
"But you just look!" "Oh my God, do not rush!
Well, I look. Winds ... but it's ... It's ...
This is a giant octopus!.. He climbs to us! Nikolai!..»


Sea vneshne bezzhiznenno, but it
Life is full of monstrous, which is not given
comprehend, until you go to the bottom.

Which is confirmed by the network, Tralee.
Or - dancing waves, reflecting as it were sluggish
a mirror of things happening under the covers.

While on the surface, people can quickly go.
Under water, However, he tempers zeal.
Suddenly he wants to drink.

There, under water, with parched throat,
suddenly life seems short.
Under water a person can only be a submarine.

Mouth blisters erupt.
In the eyes there is the equivalent of the dawn.
In the ears of a dispassionate voice is heard, counting: time, two, three.


"Dear Blanche, blast you, sitting inside a giant octopus.
Miracle, that writing materials and your photograph survived.
Damp and stuffy. However, is not alone:
next two savage, and both play on ukalele.
the main thing, that dark. When eyestrain,
I discern some arches and vaults. Strong link in the ears.
I will try to examine the digestive system.
This is - the only way to freedom. Kisses. Your faithful Jacques ".

"probably, it was in the womb ... but thank you and octopus.
For it would just go to the bottom, or - to get to the shark.
Still searching. DiCarlo, Alas, not help:
what I did not ask, I hear strange "fuck-fuck".
around endless, slippery, winding tunnels.
Some mysterious, perepletayuschayasya system.
probably, I Brezhi, but yesterday on the panel
I came across someone, who identified himself as Captain Nemo ".

"Again Nemo. He invited me to. I
I went to. He speaks, that he raised this octopus.
As a protest against society. Previously, there was a family,
but a woman and so. d. And it is nothing else
no more. He speaks, that the world is drowned in evil.
Octopus (abbreviated - Osia) punishes zhestkoserde
and the pride, reign on Earth.
He promised, that if I stay, it will attain immortality ".

"Tuesday. Had luncheon in Nemo. was wine, caviar
(with "Prince" and "The Knight"). savages served, scale
teeth. We started discussing yesterday
the theme of immortality, "Thoughts" of Pascal, the latest thing in "La Scala".
Imagine an evening, candles. From all sides - octopus.
Nemo with his beard and blue eyes, as a baby.
the heart contracts, when you think, he here alone ... "
(There are cut off letters to Blanche Delarue from Lieutenant Benz ).


When the ship does not come in a certain port
or at the appointed time, or later,
Company director says: "Heck!»,
Admiralty: "God".

Both are wrong. But how do they know about,
that happened. After all, is not questioned seagull,
no shark with its mouth full,
not napravishy ovcharku

pó trail. And what all traces
in the ocean? All this is a mere
rave. Another triumph of the water
in competition with the land.

In the ocean, everything happens suddenly.
But then the wave pulls wandering for a long time:
boards, the wreckage of the mast and lifeline;
everything - without fingerprint.

And then comes autumn, for it - winter.
Sirocco wind blows. best counsel
silent waves can drive you mad
beauty sunset.

And it becomes clear, there is nothing to inquire
either by throat, or using radiosonde
blue ripples, continues to improve
the horizon.

Something flashed in the newspapers, interpreting this way and that
data, which, actually, cat laugh.
Woman in something brown grabs the jamb
and settles on the floor.

horizon improves. The air and iodine salt.
Far away on the wave of rocking some
ring subject. And the bell muffled beats
indoor Lloyd.


dated 1977 в «To Urania». - WITH. AT.

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