new England

Although it makes no sense, trees are still growing.
They can be seen in the window, but it is better from a distance.
And the air is almost a scandal, For so swollen,
that it is easy to take for Boeing moth.

We just do not live there, where they were born - and so
everything else is in place and is devoid of destiny,
and if you want to drive one crazy little thing,
the alert alder, elms or oaks.

The muscular roots, the greater the fall bzdo,
If you just list. If you are, however, is he,
can glow at night, including the socket,
to, not wake, count the crows.

Someday all, what do you see, melt furnace,
make a pencil or, God will give, bed.
but the land, which will also have to go,
even more so - one, You can not kiss.


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Joseph Brodsky
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